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With power in the day: recipes & ideas for a healthy breakfast

In the morning do not have time for breakfast? Big Mistake! The few minutes you should pick out for a healthy breakfast. It is the best start to the day!

“Eat in the morning like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper” – this saying is widespread. Even if you not follow quite as accurate of it, you should related to the breakfast quite seriously. It must not be your greatest meal, but you should have a few variants. While eating a croissant is better than nothing, but a healthy breakfast that gives you power for the whole morning, looks different.healthy breakfast

That is why a healthy breakfast is so important

Why is breakfast so important? Overnight, the energy storage of the body will be used up. The power curve is at the bottom. So you are fit, can concentrate, the body new energy in the form of food needs to be fed.

Thus the performance curve as long as possible and remain above does not drop again, a healthy breakfast is needed. You eat, for example, a croissant, the curve rises rapidly, but drops off again shortly afterwards. The reason is that the croissant mostly simple carbohydrates and fat stuck – that saturate not long. You are quickly hungry again. Accesses her instead to a slice of wholemeal bread with cream cheese and tomatoes, the hunger for a long time has been satisfied. The performance curve remains until late morning above, you can focus and you are feeling well. Then she drops her and she should return with lunch to bring up.

A croissant is not so recommended. But what is a healthy breakfast? There are a variety of options from sweet to savory, with bread or cereal, vegetarian or with meat. It is important that it is not too fat and calories. A healthy breakfast should not exceed one third of the daily caloric requirement. These are good 400 to 600 kcal. To already take in the morning a few extra vitamins, it’s good to eat fruit and / or vegetables.

Tip: Have you not hungry in the morning? Then at least drink a glass of milk or juice and grabs you a healthy breakfast for later.

Healthy breakfast with bread

Breakfast with bread it fast, you can always take it with you, to your taste, it can be sweet and not sweet. Do you want your body to do something Good, then let’s toast and white bread in the store and access to whole wheat bread. In the plug in more vitamins and minerals, moreover, a lot of fiber, for a long saturation concerns.

Do you like sweet in the morning, you should not eat chocolate cream for a healthy breakfast daily or apply only a slice of bread with it. Selects otherwise prefer cream cheese with a little jam or honey.

Do you prefer cheese or sausage in the morning, then pay attention to the fat content. Salami, liverwurst or Camembert contain abundant fat and cholesterol. Selects often inherently low-fat alternatives such as limburger cheese, cream cheese, boiled ham or poultry sausage.

Healthy breakfast with muesli

Who is not interested in bread has usually attacks the cereal. Again, there are major differences. Let mixes better in the store. Which often contain large amounts of sugar and fat. Healthier it is, if you mix the cereal yourself. Take for oatmeal, some nuts or dried fruits and fresh fruits such as apples or berries. At choice you give milk or yogurt on the cereal.

Healthy breakfast for kids

The portions are small, but otherwise should a healthy breakfast for children look the same as that for an adult. Since little morning often tired and have little hunger, you should arrange the food nicely. Cuts the apple, for example in columns, and stores it into a face. Sweeps the bread with cream cheese and honey accompanied with it a laughing mouth.

Many children love sweets – even in the morning. Cornflakes and chocolate hazelnut cream should therefore not be completely banished from your diet, but they should not come every day on the table. Arranged one or two days when corn flakes instead of oatmeal in the bowl may.

Healthy breakfast that fills you up for long

The perfect Breakfast is really nice and long enough – best to for lunch. Ideal are high-fiber foods such as oatmeal, nuts, wholemeal bread, vegetables and fruit. Combining protein-rich foods such as cottage cheese or cheese, you guarantee not be hungry. Try, for example, even a cereal with fruit and yoghurt, wholemeal bread with cheese and vegetables.

Healthy breakfast in the low carb variant

You heed to it as little as possible of carbohydrates to eat, then no chance to have bread and cereal in the morning. Thus, it remains a healthy breakfast without too much fat, you should in addition to eggs, sausage and cheese are increasingly resorting to vegetables and lean dairy products. A protein omelet with lots of vegetables, for example, or tomato and mozzarella.

A low calorie, healthy breakfast to lose weight

Who wants to lose weight a bit, of course, show attention on calories already at breakfast. Preferably low-calorie ingredients like turkey meats, limburger cheese or low-fat cream cheese. Also cereal is easy. Do not take quite as many oatmeal, dried fruit waived and take only a small portion of chopped nuts. Then you have a healthy breakfast that is not overused your calorie account, but at the same time satisfies you.

Healthy breakfast for the office

Recipes for breakfast are so quick and simple that you – apart from hot dishes – all can do in the office. Do you have a fridge there, can you cream cheese, yogurt, meats, vegetables and fruits store well and need quick snip the ingredients.

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