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Why H.I.T is ingenious training system!

Currently, I work out almost exclusively by the HIT training system and I would like to briefly write down my experiences here. First of all, the so-called High Intensity Training is really a great training system. Some time ago I trained very heavy volume, ie relatively many sets and exercises usually after a pyramid scheme. The downside, I was usually 1.5 hours to 2 hours in the gym. Last bothered me so much because I was so good 3 hours on the road with direction.
H.I.T training system

Now since about 3 months I train just after HIT and it beats very well for me. The benefits for me I see clearly in time and intensity. It makes fewer sets of an exercise but very slowly in a cadence of 4/2/4 – ie 4 seconds high, hold for 2 seconds and 4 seconds down, while a maximum of 8 repetitions. Sore muscles the next day also easily available. The biggest advantage but in my opinion is that you have to make every repetition very clean. Due to the relatively long time during the repetition extremely one focuses on the design, while you also quickly makes rather dirty at a volume training times like a sentence. The muscle feeling afterwards is also brilliant – better than any workout booster. The muscle is really intense contracted and the pump then gives a motivating feeling.

This system I recommend beginners (at least 6 months of training experience) and advanced, as well as people who already have a relatively long way into the studio and so want to save some time!

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