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White bread – 7 Facts why it can be better do not touch it!

Today, there have a delicious white bread eaten with Nutella for breakfast? I, for the sake of my health is not and not because of Nutella!sliced white bread

Why white flour products such as white bread are not only useless to the body, but also unhealthy, you can find out in this article …

How white flour products like white bread made?

To understand why white flour products have no great value for our body, it is important to know how the grain is processed and what happens there!

In the production of white flour, which is the basic ingredient for white bread, both the six outer layers (bran), and the fatty germ of the grain away.

The cereal grain is thus completely destroyed and more than 75% of the minerals and vitamins, as well as 95% of the fiber is lost. The rest of the sad remains consists largely of carbohydrates and is called endosperm (endosperm), from which our white flour.

Where does the healthy bran and the germ of the grain?

This particular vitamin and mineral-rich parts of the grain fed to livestock. No farmer would feed his cattle white flour and for good reason, because the animals would be very soon being weak, sick and less profitable.

The bran and the germ of the grain, however, are very nutritious and contain many minerals, vitamins and fiber.

Why are white flour products worthless for athletes?

Not only valuable nutrients needed by an athlete desperately lacking in white flour, the fiber will be throughly screened by the break up of the grain. This leads to not delay in the absorption of carbohydrates in the gut. So the carbs go directly into the blood, causing the blood sugar level rises and falls as fast as during normal table sugar.

High blood sugar levels also inhibit fat burning and provide not constant energy – in fact, after eating white flour products can then be rapidly hungry, tired and worn.

7 facts why white flour products like white bread are unhealthy

  • White flour products contain gluten, and it is a protein that in many people have an intolerance, called celiac disease.
  • Gliadin is one component of gluten. In this part, it was found that during digestion the release of exorphins provoked and thereby stimulates the addiction center in our brain. The result: you get more and more hungry for wheat products.
  • This packaged white bread or toast long as possible, not moldy, preservatives are added as propionic acid.
  • White flour promotes rheumatic diseases. Anyone who suffers from rheumatism usually experiences an improvement when white flour products can be replaced with whole grains.
  • researchers found that gallstones occur most frequently at high sugar and white flour consumption.
  • The eyes are happy about little white flour in the diet. Researchers found here that the macular degeneration, an eye disease is destroyed in the retina develops more frequently in people with high white flour consumption.
  • White flour is blamed for many lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease.

What are the alternatives for white bread are there?

The healthier and more meaningful alternative to white flour products are wholemeal flour products.

One should know that a cereal product is not regarded as whole grain product when is the entire grain kernel milled and processed. It does not matter whether it is wheat, rye, spelled or other cereals, important is always that the whole grain is included.

Although usually contain whole grains slightly more calories, but are much healthier, last longer sick leave blood sugar levels rise slowly and thereby provide more energy for sport!

Tips for closing

At the healthiest and most valuable for the body it is, if you own freshly grinds his own whole wheat flour!

Made possible by a grain mill for home that produces fresh flour with which you can then bake their own delicious whole grain bread.

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