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What to do with heartburn and how to prevent?

Many people know the unclear pressure behind the breastbone and burning which climbs up into the throat. Nearly one-third of Europeans familiar with the acid-related problems in the stomach and esophagus. Approximately seven percent have even a day to deal with heartburn. However, occasional heartburn is not dramatic. We will tell you how heartburn occurs and how to avoid it. We also reveal simple home remedies to stop the burning.heartburn

Causes: What causes heartburn?

Reason for burning is acid from the stomach into the esophagus. In the stomach acid is needed to decompose of our food. The stomach itself is protected by a special acid-stable mucosa. Normally, a sphincter at the entrance to the stomach ensures that nothing Acid leaves the stomach upwards. If the sphincter weakened, it comes to the so-called reflux. Sour stomach contents flowing back into the esophagus and there to reaches the sensitive lining.

In the long run can lead to much acid to inflammation of the esophagus. Even teeth and gums are affected by frequent acid exposure.

Symptoms: How can you describe heartburn

Typical sign of heartburn is the characteristic burning sensation in the chest and throat. When acidic regurgitation of acidic stomach contents rises in the mouth. Sometimes heartburn also makes but noticeable only by a dull pressure behind the breastbone. The symptoms occur mainly a few hours after eating and at night. Lying down or stooping, the symptoms intensify. Also dysphagia, hoarseness and chronic morning cough, bronchitis or asthma may be signs of acid problems.

Heartburn through the nutrition of wrong products

Some foods can trigger or exacerbate heartburn by increasing or weaken the sphincter at the entrance to the stomach, the secretion of gastric acid. This is especially true for high-fat food and sweets. In particular, chocolate often causes problems. Spicy or spicy fried foods irritate the stomach as well as citrus fruits or juices. Also on stimulants such as alcohol, coffee or smoking reacts the stomach “sour”. Alcohol, nicotine, and chocolate can relax the sphincter and inhibiting the pumping of the esophagus.

Obesity and pregnancy increase the pressure

Obese increased tendency to heartburn because the extra kilos press on the stomach. In addition, heartburn occurs in pregnant women to frequently because the growing fetus takes up more and more space and thereby constricts the stomach. At the same time give ligaments and muscles after pregnancy, which also affected the sphincter at the entrance to the stomach. After birth, however, the tendency to heartburn usually disappears again.

Stress: Take it easy

Stress suggests many people literally on the stomach. The turn is acidic and produces enhanced gastric acid. To prevent heartburn, you should always times reinsert breaks and provide relaxation. Even when eating rest is called for. Who herunterschlingt his meals by the way, soon gets the burning receipt. Take time to enjoy your food and chew thoroughly. Five small meals burden the digestive less than two to three generous portions.

A good night’s sleep: keep your head up and eat early

At night and when lying down, the acid often makes especially unpleasantly noticeable. For a peaceful sleep, it is advisable not to eat two to three hours before bedtime. Who supports the upper body during sleep high, complicates the backflow of acidic stomach contents.

For occasional heartburn, the tips and tricks to help in the Info box. However, the heartburn occurs more frequently, the causes should be investigated by a doctor and treated if necessary.

Tips and tricks against heartburn

  • Eat in peace and chew thoroughly.
  • Five small meals a day are more digestible than a few large servings.
  • Limit high-fat foods and sweets a (especially chocolate). Also heavily spiced or fried and citrus fruits and juices can trigger heartburn.
  • Avoid stimulants such as alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.
  • Eat not too late at bedtime and keep your upper body at night high
  • Reduce overweight.
  • Allow sufficient relaxation.

This helps against acute burning:

  • Eat dry bread, rusks or oatmeal (good chew!).
  • Nibble almonds or hazelnuts.
  • Even a glass of milk binds the acid.
  • Drink water with a lot of bicarbonate (HCO 3 as shown on the label). The basic action of water to neutralize the acid.
  • Much drinking diluted the acid. Two liters a day would be ideal. Suitable are chamomile tea, herbal tea, still water or highly diluted low-acid juices.
  • Chew gum increases saliva production and thus dilute the acid.

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