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Weight loss without dieting – 8 tips to help you to get the perfect summer figure!

I have no desire and no time to cook extra! This sentence certainly know a lot when it comes to the subject of diet. The prospect of summer vacation and bikini cause unnecessary kilos unpleasant memories. But in the everyday hustle and bustle, it is often cumbersome shop after diet plan and extra cooking.lose weight

From the following 8 tips for quick and easy weight loss without dieting and extra sports can compile each his own individual method.

1. Drinking a lot!

Free or low-calorie drinks fill the stomach and avoid the annoying feeling of hunger. For not only drink mineral or tap water, but alternate with fruit or herbal teas, here, you can also select a random and matching combo. Also avoid diluted fruit juices or sweetening drinks food cravings.

2. Dinner omitted and instead just drink

Comfortable home in the evening to eat unfortunately seduced to eat more than is good. Still comes a glass of wine, it becomes problematic with the weight loss. A high-carbohydrate meal and a protein shake in the afternoon should be the last meal of the day. In the first week of hunger with going to bed, but that is later than the second week ago.

3. Fruit or vegetable snacks

If this fruit and vegetables in season shopping, clean and cut into edible pieces. Thus prepared fruit and vegetables is convenient to take and perfect for calorie-between meals. In addition, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables fills the stomach and digestive brings the momentum. Tip: Mixed with 500g lean natural yogurt can replace an entire meal.

4. What to do with something sweet?

Better snacking dried raisins, apricots, granola bars or crispbread for sweet and hunger. In moderation enjoyed such foods are healthier and contain fewer calories than fat chocolate.

5. Save fats!

High fat foods taste good, but bring the most calories with. Margarine, butter, cream, spreadable sausage, cheese, snacks, prepared meals and canteen food usually contain a lot of fat. Taking care of fats and save rigorously leaves so many kilos tumble off alone.

6. Small servings

The stomach is a muscle. Are constantly enjoyed large portions, “droning” from it. If it is, however, filled with small, slowly eaten portions of the stomach very quickly gets used to a lower filling state. Here, the saturated feeling occurs faster and protects decreasing before overeat.

7. Sweets and snacks

Necessarily out of the apartment and banish from work! Also delicious particles from the bakery are full of useless calories and do not get enough. 500 kcal per pastries are not uncommon!

8. Cardio can help!

Who’s afraid of muscle breakdown which should increase to between the elliptical trainer a few minutes. For one, the crosstrainer easy on the joints, on the other hand you train so that the whole body. Almost all devices have a pulse control that lets you trained in the optimal heart rate zone. So you can very easy create his individual training plan.


It may not always be a diet! Who surrounded his eating habits and strictly comply with the above tips can be slim without diet in the long run. The advantage over a diet here is quite clear that with very little effort already here can achieve good results in the longer term, the disadvantage, however, that you will lose a lot faster with a diet of fat.

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