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Turkey with rice – What are the benefits of this food for muscle building?

Turkey with rice is probably the best known and most popular meal for bodybuilders and strength athletes whose goal is to build muscle. The question however is: What makes turkey with rice so valuable? Does this meal really so many advantages over the muscle building?turkey with rice

We have taken these two foods under the microscope!

Rice – the most important crop of the earth

Can without exaggeration be rice as one of the most important crops of the earth, respectively. More than half the world’s population is rice as a staple food every day to him. Rice contains almost no fat, but has many complex carbs. That makes him so interesting to bodybuilders and strength athletes. Rice saturates long lasting without burdening the body and thus enables a very effective muscle building.

100 grams of rice contains an average of 77.8 grams of carbohydrates, providing vital, long-lasting energy.

Nutritional values per 100g of uncooked rice:

  • 77.8 grams of carbohydrates
  • 12.9 grams of water
  • 0.6 grams of fat
  • 6.8 grams of protein
  • 352.44 Kcal

100 grams of uncooked rice has 352 calories in 100 grams of cooked rice there are 116 calories!

Rice – a high-quality protein supplier

The protein contained in rice is particularly valuable because its proteins are composed of essential amino acids. The body can not produce itself. Especially so a diet of rice for strength athletes is very useful. Rice also has important dietary fiber and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. In particular, the high potassium content ensures that the body wird. This in turn promotes the entire metabolism and relieves the heart and circulation.

To be found in the rice vitamins, such as vitamin E and some vitamins of the B group ensure the proper functioning of the nervous system.

Wholegrain basmati rice and wild rice have the highest protein content!

Paddy Rice – even healthier

Rice, one has eaten unpeeled the advantage that it brings even better in motion, since his vast proportion of fiber digestion.

Turkey bodybuilders why we love it

The Aztecs knew the benefits of lean meat turkey appreciate. Turkey meat is rich in animal protein in the protein of the human body is very similar in its construction. This is very important for building muscle, because that it can be easily converted into body protein. At the same time the tender meat of the turkey is very lean, so hardly contains fat and has therefore also low calorie.

The meat of the turkey has all poultry species the lowest cholesterol content. That makes it a recommended type of meat for bodybuilders and strength athletes who place great emphasis on healthy eating. A quarter of the daily requirements of Vitamin B12 and more than half of the recommended daily intake of vitamin B6 covers a normal serving of turkey meat.

Just like rice also contains the meat of the turkey very much potassium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Nutritional value of fresh turkey breast per 100 grams

  • 0.99 g fat
  • 0.33 g saturated fat
  • 0.00 g sugar
  • 0.15g salt
  • 107.0 kcal

The combination of rice and turkey makes this meal so precious

The performance of a power athlete is closely connected with a sufficiently filled glycogen stores, therefore, an adequate intake of carbohydrates is extremely important. Carbohydrates are like the main energy source for bodybuilders. Rice is particularly suitable as an energy source. After the split of carbohydrates in the digestive tract they are absorbed into the blood stream which carries them to the brain and to the muscles.

A power athletes should take a very high proportion of carbohydrates to be, which may be up to seventy percent of the total energy intake. Rice is ideal because it has a low glycemic index and a high nutrient density.

In combination with lean turkey meat it is for strength athletes and bodybuilders an ideal meal. Because they have due to their extreme physical stress a need for more proteins.

Good to know!

Who trains regularly improves with time, the use of the captured proteins.

3 Tips to closing

  • Unseasoned neither taste nor turkey rice. Pepper, for example, contains a alkaloid called piperine. Piperine acts like other volatile substances stimulating the metabolism. Is much more interesting, however, that piperine allows for better absorption of construction preparations. The bioavailability of nutrients from food and sports nutrition is increased by piperine, and therefore also of many of these products are enriched with piperine.
  • If you do not like turkey or vegetarian is also spiced with pepper rice can drink along with a protein shake. We recommend doing the GN Whey Protein 80 of GoNutrition ®. This protein provides plenty of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamic acid, which provide optimal muscle building.
  • Garlic seems the amount of free testosterone on the synthesis of luteinizing hormone to increase (LH) and to attenuate the catabolic hormone cortisol.

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