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These 10 crazy things women doing to lose weight

Help! The entire weekend was eating and drinking marathon! Again… Before we get up on the scales must first to lose a few kilograms

And to get rid of, we do the craziest things. The worst: we are miserable and did not get nothing! Because with these wild tips we get results in the best case, in the short term, and have lost pounds, but on a very short time.lose weight

1. We completely forgo carbs and eat on the breakfast, lunch and dinner eggs and meat.

Lose weight with low carb? That seems to be precisely the holy grail! Bread, pasta or even sweets are the enemy. Meat, fish and eggs, the only ally in the fight against the lifebelts. And so we torment us through piles of steaks, try us through all egg dishes and take off! However, not very long, because very few are happy with this kind of diet. Sooner or later the cravings coming full tilt and we jump on pizza, fries and bread. That’s with low carb …

2. We feed on baby food.

Stars like Jennifer Aniston make it before, we’ll do it after. To just do not eat too much, we sneak into the Infant Department of Health and shower us with glass. Noodles with carrot, delicious beef with potatoes and peas – mashed beyond recognition. Clearly, we do not hold out this diet long.

3. We drink before eating lukewarm apple cider vinegar.

Before each meal a glass of lukewarm apple cider vinegar and fat burning is stimulated powerful. At these thoughts we cling, while we down torment sip while holding our noses. Unfortunately, unfortunately, is scientifically tuned to this theory nothing.

4. We nothing more eat after 15 clock and are unbearable at night – because hungry.

Eat evening supposedly makes thick and therefore we do not on supper. Have terrible hunger and stand sometime at night to raid the refrigerator. It would have been enough if we had eaten after 19 clock nothing more and dispensed hot chocolate and chips.

5. We live on cabbage soup until the flatulence become unbearable.

Year after year, the cabbage soup has its grand entrance. We spoons teller example, although it tastes awful and we get them stomach aches. And the lost pounds – which are two weeks after discontinuation of the diet back on it.

6. We eat only with chopsticks.

If you are not currently a permanent guest in the Chinese restaurant around the corner, the food falls most heavily with chopsticks. Perfect to use this Handicap for losing weight. Anyone who has ever tried to eat chips with chopsticks, who knows what we are talking. Just a pity that at some point an expert in dealing with chopsticks is …

7. We eat only standing up.

Whoever eats standing up, not set on. Accordingly, we spooning cereal and soup standing up, mess us constantly full – without lifting. Because in the end matters is how many calories we eat throughout the day – not whether we have been sitting or standing.

8. We begin to smoke or not to listen to, for fear of gaining weight.

Nicotine stimulates the metabolism – unfortunately that’s true actually. Fatal is that some for just this reason start smoking or refuse to hang the butts on the nail. Smoking is and remains unhealthy!

9. We eat in spoons the coconut oil.

Model Miranda Kerr is eating every day four teaspoons coconut oil – and exactly this trick to help her stay slim. Supposedly makes the oil fill. Damage can not this trick, but he really does not buy what.

10. We mist us with vanilla, until we get dizzy.

Vanilla scent to prevent cravings. It’s great that there are deodorants, perfumes, scented candles, incense and tea with vanilla! We mists an us and our environment, and engage in the end for the chocolate. But tomorrow the trick works for sure!

Girls, leave the nonsense!

Why do you do that? Leave this crap! Find yourself either with your figure, stands for your rounding because they are beautiful! Or do something about it, but please only in a reasonable manner. Who wants to lose weight, must absorb fewer calories from food than it consumes.

Adjusts to your diet and preferably low-calorie, nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables, fruits, lean dairy products and whole grain food. Sweets, chips and fast food are sometimes ok, but not daily and only in small quantities. Doing this exercise regularly, the pounds will completely disappear on its own. Slowly and so that your the desired weight in the long term meet expectations.

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