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The role of proteins in muscle building (Basics)

Who operates power sports and wants to build his muscles will inevitably run into the issue of proteins. Proteins are the basic component of our body, the cells of the body including the muscles. If the body is trained and stimulated the muscles to grow, the body requires more protein to generate growth.proteins in muscle building

Protein and muscle building

A protein molecule consists of several amino acids – small protein molecule chains. Each amino acid type (eg, valine, leucine, isoleucine and) has certain characteristics that are important for the body. Protein is often ingested daily through food, through milk, cottage cheese, soy, nuts or eg. fish and meat. There is, therefore, vegetable protein and animal protein. It was identified in studies that animal proteins are degraded more slowly and more complex by the body as example. Vegetable proteins.

In addition, it is of importance to the way in which the proteins are ingested. Thus, for example, steamed vegetables in olive oil much more digestible and preserves the nutrients, the same goes for proteins, here is all the unprocessed protein, the better it can be processed by the body. Supplying protein is important not only because of the strength game. The body can not produce all the proteins themselves. As a result, some proteins have to be taken from a health perspective, through the diet.

More muscles need more energy!

An interesting side effect of protein intake is burning fat. The processing of the ingested proteins consumed energy relative to the body’s own fat reserves. In order then to preserve the built muscles, the body uses more energy from the fat reserves, why muscular people burn more calories even at rest. When food is then only necessary to ensure low-fat eating to have a good calorie balance.

For strength athletes, it is important to switch the diet and make sure that you get enough proteins takes to himself. Since at strength training increased performance is an important goal, the body needs over time more proteins, so that the muscles can grow. You yourself will remember the fact that you feel more hungry and eat more. Now it will not do much to cram in at once masses of proteins in the diet. The body is the excess protein material which he can not handle at that moment, drop out again. So you should always make sure to eat continuously, rather than take everything at a time. In general, this should be done every 2-3 hours, or with the main meals.

Protein shakes as a dietary supplement?

The diet plan is an important element in weight training, but can not always keep the working day. One possibility still enough proteins to consume protein shakes. This can provide the needed between protein intake. Also right after exercise is a taking shakes more than useful to replenish the consumed reserves. After training, the body is very sensitive because of its demand for energy and proteins. A test comparison of the most popular whey proteins shows the differences of many shakes.

Whey products is attempted to increase the concentration of the protein moiety, by attempting to isolate the protein by various methods. This should be accomplished in a more effective muscle building by the amino acids are converted faster. Protein supplements are to cover a good addition to the demand. Nevertheless, attempts should be made to take a lot of protein naturally through diet.

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