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The Paleo Diet (Stone Age diet) for better health and well-being?

In a time where there is an abundance of food in most industrialized countries and food no longer primarily serves the purpose of the hunger breastfeeding, a real boom of different diets has developed. In the jungle of possible diets to find an appropriate form of nutrition is therefore often not so easy.paleo diet

In this article we would like to introduce a form of nutrition, which is becoming increasingly popular and Paleo diet or stone age diet is called!

What is the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet is based on current research in medicine and evolution and the history of nutrition. Basis of the Paleolithic diet is to feed as it did to the Stone Age man. The people at that time were fit and healthy, lifestyle diseases such as diabetes or cancer at that time did not exist. Only since the agriculture and the enormous increase in cereals consumption, these diseases have emerged. The followers of this diet are seen in a clear context and so is one of the most important rules of this diet (which diet is not only intended as a crash diet to lose weight, but as a form of nutrition that can be maintained for long) of the complete renunciation of cereal products.

The aim of the Paleo diet is to reach the ideal body weight, the structure of feeling for the body and nutrition, vitality and well-being, and high performance are paramount.

Nutrition rules of the Paleo Diet

As already mentioned, is the main and probably for most of the hardest rule the Stone Age diet, the perfect renunciation of cereal products of any kind. This includes pasta, bread, cereals and many more products that contain corn. the protein “gluten” contained in cereals leads to the vast majority of people in discomfort and can not be optimally absorbed by the body. The manifestations of intolerance are different degrees.

Another taboo provide Legumes. The lectins contained therein are similar to the gluten not for the natural human diet suitable. Only by abandoning these two food groups can be the well-being and significantly improve digestion.

“And what should I eat?”, will now think many. The best natural and unprocessed products such as meat from game, fish, plenty of vegetables, eggs, nuts, seafood, shellfish, honey, fruits and herbs and mushrooms. Who these foods look a little more closely, will find that these foods are mainly carbohydrate and very rich in protein.

Therefore a Paleo diet is also very good for building muscle!

Carbohydrates and fats in the Paleo Diet

Contrary to the constant mantra of the food industry: “Eat lots of carbohydrates! They are healthy and bring energy!” carbohydrates are not required for a healthy diet.

Due to the excessive consumption of carbohydrates increases and decreases in blood sugar levels around meals and promotes the storage of fat. Moreover, increases and decreases in body and mind with the blood sugar levels. On the subject of “life without carbs” BTW there is also very good books.

As the main source of energy fats are used in the Stone Age diet. “But make it totally thick and are also unhealthy?”. Another popular diet error, which is spread by the corn lobby. Most fats are very healthy and can be much better used by the body for energy than carbohydrates. To avoid, most vegetable fats such as rapeseed oil or sunflower oil, as the omega-6 acids of these plant oils promote inflammation in the body. Vegetable oils such as sunflower oil are constantly misrepresented as being healthy, the only truly healthy exception is the olive oil!

Instead of mostly saturated fatty acids (No, they’re not unhealthy) are used in products such as butter, coconut oil or lard. Also, fish oil are among the very healthy fats. Fish oils contain very valuable omega 3 fatty acids, which promote muscle growth and reduce cortisol levels in a natural way.

Another good source of animal fats that come from animal welfare, are very healthy and provide the body with energy effectively. With the supply of healthy fats, the body is no longer dependent on carbohydrates and can get along without them. The small required amount of carbohydrates can be drawn from products such as nuts or fruit.

The Paleo diet and the problem with dairy products

When consuming dairy products differ in the Paleo diet spirits. It is clear that the human body has learned only in recent years to digest milk at all. More people than is commonly assumed not tolerate milk and have trouble digesting this, sufferers then speak of a lactose intolerance. Especially milk industry in which, by homogenization and pasteurization kills most nutrients and good bacteria that makes many problems.

It is best in this topic, sometimes completely sacrificing a few weeks to dairy products and find out how the body reacts. After this time, you can resume a few dairy products in the diet and preferably from raw milk.

Where you can find more info on the Paleo Diet?

The Paleo diet first became popular in America. The two pioneers of this form of diet were Mark Sisson with his book “The Primal Blueprint” and Robb Wolf¬† “ The Paleo Diet“. Unfortunately, these books are available in English only.

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