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The correct marathon preparation

Behind a marathon puts a lot more than to bring on the day of the famous X 42.195 km behind.
Although the participants and finishers about this mythical distance for years fell slightly and more runners to dodge the half marathon distance or over-runs the marathon is just under passionate amateur runners still immensely popular.

The nuts and bolts of preparation

Are patience and diligence training. The cardiovascular system and the muscles of a healthy person can indeed accustomed relatively quickly to the ever increasing burden in training, the passive musculoskeletal system (bone, cartilage, tendons) is not. That’s why you should bring years of running experience before you ever dare at least four months “sharp” preparing for a marathon.

The slow endurance: the compulsory element in the marathon preparation

In preparation for the marathon and long slow endurance in the field of basic endurance training is the most important instrument. Who completed to start preparing a lactate measurement or a cardiopulmonary exercise testing and controlled training on a heart rate monitor, provides in this form of training for maximum efficiency. The slow endurance in a sense is the highlight of each week of training, from start preparing to contest the distance is continuously increased up to 32 to 35 kilometers.

At least once a week should also be in a training plan change of tempo run. At the beginning of the preparation often short but hard pace tips are useful to increase the base rate. The closer the date marathon, the longer and more competitive closer the intervals.

A second, somewhat shorter endurance completes the minimum program for a week of training. Interesting additional elements are driving games (tempo change without solid pattern), endurance-heavy alternative training (cycling, rowing, skating, swimming), weight training to strengthen the core muscles as well as running technique training with run-ABC.

Test yourself before the competition

In addition, you should always sprinkle performance tests to test your shape on the way to the goal for the season. Perfectly suitable for this purpose at most a handful of competitions over the lower distances 5 km, 10 km and half marathon.

In the last week before the competition, you should then reduce again to give the body time to regenerate your training schedule. In this case your normal workout should be reduced by 20 to 30 percent in the last week.

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