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The best outdoor sportswear for training in the winter

Too much work, no time or bad weather? There are many excuses that aim to ease our conscience and to postpone the training.


Sportswear good but the excuse is eliminated with the weather. A good example of high quality sportswear, which also defies the rain and cold, the products of Under Armour ColdGear Series Infrared

The right sports clothing helps to lack of motivation’s training outdoors

Especially in the cold months icy wind and low temperature can spoil fun at training away from the gym. These are exactly the cold months that strengthen our immune system. Against chilblains and baser helps the system “ColdGear Infrared” by Under Armour.

The system is based in simple terms that the body heat is not discharged to the outside, but remains on the body of the wearer of sportswear and this warms. Thus, the idea can be implemented successfully, special materials have been integrated into the products.

The inside of jackets, pants and tops is soft and designed to receive the body heat efficiently and stores. Throughout the training, the heat is retained and is distributed evenly around the material due to the material. Despite the relatively thin material, it is not necessary to additionally consider several layers of clothing or a sweater.

The freedom of movement for the sport so stay in good sportswear optimally preserved!

At the same time, the outer layer of sportswear rain and wind it holds to penetrate to the carrier. The shell fabric is more durable and well stitched. There are no ill-fitting seams that provide chafed sore skin.

Thus, while water can not enter from outside to inside, welding, however, led away by the Moisture Transport System by the body.

When the sweat is directed away from the body, he ends up logically, to a greater extent in clothing. Sportswear, here, as the series “ColdGear Infrared” from Under Armor has a special technique whereby bacteria are prevented to develop, because that’s responsible for the typical smell of sweat. Thus, it is not impossible to come back home after training in public transport.


The advantage of good sportswear is very clear:

  • More freedom of movement with a pleasant body temperature.
  • It is not necessary to put several layers beneath the jacket.
  • The training feels free.
  • Reduced risk of contracting by poor stitching sores.

The downside is:

  • A complete outfit with specific apparel is not for the budget conscious.

Are there alternatives to expensive and functional sportswear?

In addition to products from Under Armour of course there are many other manufacturers with special functions and sportswear. Should be driven sport outdoors with this in the winter, but there are several things to consider in order to stay healthy during the cold months! It is particularly important that the clothing stores no moisture is. Are clothes and body excessively wet, the carrier will cool quickly and can cause colds and infections. Therefore, functional and sports clothing is preferable in principle normal clothes.

Is it possible to achieve these effects through everyday clothes?

Yes with the onion principle! Here are several layers are superimposed tightened so that a heat storage is created between the different units. Because the sweat, in the form of steam, but should be transported away from the body, it must be noted that the onion does not lead to a completely windproof jacket, because the welding would otherwise remain within the layers.

While it is certainly much cheaper, easy to pull already existing garments above the other, this method has some disadvantages at the same time. Thus, the freedom of movement, depending on the outdoor temperature and the associated number of layers to be influenced in high degree.

Sportswear for legs

Should not be forgotten and legs. Cotton pants should stay in the winter in the closet. Better are lined training pants that fit snugly against the body.

Sportswear for neck

Regardless of whether the decision falls on sportswear or normal clothing, care should be taken that the neck is not exposed. Here is a jacket with a high collar or a light scarf helps.

Sports clothing for the head

This is true to an even greater degree for the head. Most of the energy is emitted over the head, so it’s important to protect it properly. A cap is preferable¬†headbands or hood. The best care is taken to a substance that acts at the same time a little water repellent, thus going against any snow and rain.

Sportswear for hands

Who was ever running in winter, knows how quickly fingers and hands are cold. However, normal cotton gloves are unfortunately mostly useless because they are quickly wet from the sweat, allowing the incoming cold is felt even more intense. Function gloves help in this case further.

Here you can buy sportswear for training in the winter:

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