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The 5 most common mistakes why muscles don’t grow!

In motor sport it’s like in any other sport, anyone who has not mastered the basics, you will never get to a higher level.

muscles do not grow!
In this article you can find 5 common mistakes in building muscle, the possible reasons can, why do not you build muscle!

Why I do not build muscles?

We get this question often asked by e-mail. In this case, this question can be answered only if you know how the daily training of the athlete looks. Without this background knowledge to find the error is almost impossible, because in muscle building, sadly, that much can be done wrong more than right.

Do not build muscle, in some cases, this may still be the lesser evil. In the worst case, after the wrong muscle strain not only follows no muscle growth, but also serious injury that then force the trainee to complete task of the sport, are not uncommon!

These are the 5 most important reasons why muscles don’t want to grow!

1. False expectations

Very tempting are fitness magazines or fitness models, which cause many beginners believe that muscles grow in no time with just a little weight training. But the truth is: visible muscles grow for months or years and the perfectly toned models and bodybuilders took years to reach this body!

So do not despair if after a few weeks still no muscles are seen. Never give up, then you will also eventually reap the fruits of your labor!

2. Too little regeneration

Full motivation and enthusiasm of many lifters often rush to the gym every day, hoping that as much training brings as many muscles. Just the opposite, however, happen. The muscle grows when you are not training and this he needs a lot of recovery time. 48 hours should there be at least.

On training days, the focus should be fully dedicated to the regeneration. Lots of sleep and regular sauna sessions can be very beneficial here. If you are thinking you purchase a home sauna, you can find here many models.

3. Improper diet

One of the most common reasons why muscles don’t grow, is an improper diet. It applies: daily at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight and 1 gram of fat per kilogram of body weight to eat. The rest should consist of long chain carbohydrates.

4. Too young

Anyone who is under 16 years should generally not expect too much muscle growth. The Body is currently developing and also the hormone system in this age not everybody equally pronounced. Light weight training but can already be exercised at a young age and makes sense.

5. Insufficient training

Also, too little exercise can not grow muscles. But how much training it should be? This question is highly dependent on exercise intensity and regenerative capacity of each individual from. Three units in the week of 45 to 60 minutes heavy weight training, but brings with most strength athletes good results.


For a beginner it is often very difficult to identify a crucial mistake. So my tip: Ask an experienced training colleagues if he looks you in your exercise performance over the shoulder and attention where appropriate log for errors.

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