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The 2-day diet: Finally slim with the new miracle diet?

Sounds good! Stick to two days per week diet, eat the remaining five days normal and still lose weight. According to the study results, the 2-day diet is exactly what you want. We have looked at the matter more accurate.2-day diet

The study behind the 2-day diet

The scientists from the University Hospital of Manchester, England, have compared three diet programs together. The first group fed on by a Mediterranean diet based on a caloric intake of 1,500 kcal per day maximum. Group two was eating normally five days a week, in two days they were allowed to eat only a maximum of 600 kcal and only 40 grams of food could be carbohydrates. The last group was fed a healthy, balanced, refrained two days per week, however, almost entirely on carbohydrates. Bread and Co. were taboo, a serving of fruit and vegetables allows low carbohydrate content.

The surprising result: group two and three took on average nearly twice as much as the group number one that had fed consistently by more than 1,500 kcal a day. Also the abdominal fat percentage of groups two and three had reduced more than that of group number one.

How the 2-day diet works

Decide for yourself, whether you are on two days in the week, almost completely give up carbs or prefer to count calories and a little bread and Pasta may enjoy. It is important that you have two consecutive days of the week set and your carbohydrate intake will significantly decrease.

Among the carbohydrate foods include pasta, rice, potatoes and all grain-based foods such as bread. Even sweets, most ready-made meals as well as juice and alcohol are rich in carbohydrates. Few carbohydrates contain in milk and dairy products, meat, fish and eggs.

Ideas for your low-carb day

Start with an omelet in your low-carb day. Also is allowed scrambled eggs with cucumber and tomatoes. As Snack you can enjoy a natural yogurt. At noon there’s a vegetable stir-fry together with low-fat fish fillet, which you braise. The afternoon snack can be a serving of low-fat quark with some fruit and evening you can prepare a large salad with chicken strips.

This can bring the 2-day diet

It sounds so nice, two days to look a bit on the carbohydrate intake and to feast on the rest of the week. If you so approach the 2-day diet, you will probably not succeed. The pounds will only permanently jumbled when you eat a balanced diet to the remaining five days. In other words, lots of vegetables, fruits and low-fat food and sweets, Fast Food and alcohol to make a bow. How much of the temporary waiver of carbohydrates really brings, is also not yet proven scientifically.

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