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Stretch Marks – 6 Tips to prevent and treat

Almost every power athlete who trains hard and gaining muscle will discover sooner or later stretch marks in his skin. Usually they are found stretch marks on the upper arm, under the arms or on the chest muscle. bodybuilding-stretch-marks

Learn in this article what exactly are stretch marks, what options are available to prevent stretch marks and how you can treat it.

Stretch marks, the doctor also called striae cutis, are reddish or bluish cracks in the skin. They can be found on the stomach, chest, thighs and upper arms. Stretch marks are often arranged in parallel. Between them are elongated strips of healthy skin.

Stretch marks are usually several centimeters long and can be up to two inches wide. If you stroking fingers over them feel slightly recessed and often irregular in. Hair, sebaceous or sweat glands are found not to stretch marks. At first, they are usually still red, later they will nacreous and shine.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks occur, as the name suggests, in excessive skin tension. This can occur when bodybuilders through strength training, happen during training, but also in rapidly growing young people in puberty or incurred with massive obesity or diets with strong fluctuations in weight.

Why stretch marks are less pronounced very strong and in others in some people is either a connective tissue, an abnormality of the dermis, a disorder of carbohydrate regulation or a dysfunction of the adrenal cortex. Is also interesting to know that stretch marks progress slowly.

6 Tips for prevention of stretch marks

  1. Regular skin care! If you want to prevent stretch marks, should his skin lotion or oil the consistent before training. Even with an exfoliating glove connective tissue massage before applying moisturizer is recommended.
  2. Use vitamin E-containing skin oils or special creams for banding.
  3. A mixture of ivy, lady’s mantle and horsetail extracts in the form of a cream is a gem.
  4. Removable showers can prevent stretch marks.
  5. Regular brush massages the skin is also achieved a preventive effect.
  6. Use additional zinc capsules, because zinc is very important in the formation of collagen and thus a healthy connective tissue.

6 Tips for treatment of stretch marks

First of all: You can treat stretch marks. Scientific studies have shown that treatment is possible! But not However, it should also be realistic, an improvement is possible, a complete cure!

  1. When strength training must be taken to ensure that are no extreme stretching of the skin. Athletes with low conjunctival tissue should therefore avoid overstretching in the exercise versions.
  2. Recently formed stretch marks can also use retinoids, tretinoin or vitamin A acid preparations are treated. Stretch marks that are created once but you can also therefore no longer make quite invisible, but can greatly improve the appearance.
  3. Another tip for the treatment of stretch marks is a Light Therapy. There are now almost all equipment for aesthetic laser and light therapies, which are also suitable for the treatment of stretch marks. They provide a precise treatment option is given. By ultra-short and long pulses with an average power peaks also stretch marks can be treated very well.
  4. A completely new method is the Jet your skin method. Here we are working with heavy hyaluronic acid molecules are introduced under pressure into the damaged skin. Here in the epidermis results in a tiny and invisible channel, where the special JetPeel liquid spreads. Meet the introduced heavy hyaluronic acid molecules on the skin cells and rip them. Thus, a wound-healing process to improve stretch marks is brought about. Collagen is newly formed and arranged again. This results in a few sessions to a substantially improved skin appearance.
  5. Often a micro-exfoliation is helpful because it improves the complexion also clearly. From Chinese medicine, the product comes Centella asiatica, which promises success.
  6. The topical application of a glycolic acid peel or ascorbic acid can improve the recovery of the stretch marks as well.


Stretch marks are a troublesome and often unsightly appearance, which, although difficult, but can be treated well. It is important, regular treatment of the torn skin. Who gets stretch marks either trained very hard and well built muscle mass or has excessive body fat. In the former can certainly be proud of their stretch marks!

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