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Sports holidays

Now approaching the time of the long-awaited vacation. For months, one looks forward to it and preparing. Meanwhile everyone knows that to well to recover on vacation, not just the deckchair is necessary. Much and adequate exercise and good, and healthy food are a must in order agrees with the relaxation factor and for a long time and will continue. How beautiful it is, the balmy morning with a game of tennis to play, on the beach to jog along and a slight and a cool breeze blowing in your face. Countless lanes to swim in the still empty and quiet pool. There are so many ways to actively move on vacation and also to enjoy it. How beautiful it is finally run sports without time pressure! There are many options how to spend the holiday fun and energetic. Read here how to provide themselves with sports holidays. There are some suggestions to actively move on vacation:Sport in holiday

Volleyball / Beach-Volleyball

Volleyball is a team sport, so the contact with other holiday guests will be provided. Also Volleyball is an ideal fitness training that is wonderful for play on the beach. The muscles in the arms will be trained, if the Ball is beaten into the opposing field. Likewise, the speed and bounce of the leg and gluteal be addressed. Forget not to zubaggern be ahead of the game a few balls or so you will not go to bunks unaufgewärmt into play. Also stretching the arms is very important after the game.

Beach volleyball, initially a social game is now even become an Olympic sport.

Surfing / Windsurfing

Surfing is an active and attractive leisure sport with high experience factor. The “surfing” enjoys today more and more popularity. Summer, sun, vacation, sea and a board – who can, do not start right away and let the wind noise around the ears since. Especially windsurfing has this country become firmly established. However, you can not start surfing as fast, because the correct technique should be learned in courses. Without surf instructor barely manages a to learn this sport. Standing safely on the board or board is the alpha and omega, because surfing makes really fun if you do not go always bathe. Coordination and muscular endurance are important while surfing.


Swimming is one of the healthiest sports and is the ideal cooling during the hot summer days. Since water has a great physical effect on the human body, to do list on vacation which belongs to the swimming. Water has a thousand times denser than air. Therefore, any movement in this item must be running against a much greater resistance. Due to water resistance to it is anschwimmt increased by the body use the energy consumption and thus the caloric consumption. Also, by the high pressure our hearts trained and breathing deepened. So all in all an all-around great sport for the holidays.
The whole body muscles are strengthened while swimming.


A very popular sports equipment for the holidays is the Frisbee. It can be actually to take to the beach where it ensures variety and dynamic movement. Playing Frisbee may be more than just a simple back and forth play. By moving intensive exercises and team games (teams can are formed on the beach / very quickly in the meadow) widens from the fun atmosphere, where is left space for modified forms of play. Especially with the recent, it is great fun to throw the disc and see how much the kids try to catch them before it touching the ground.

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