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Slim, yet too fat? What “skinny fat” really means!

Lean Model Kate Moss is too thick and flabby! This says in any case the British press and referred to them as “skinny fat”. But what does that actually mean?

“Skinny Fat” – which translates as slim, but at the same time flabby and thick. It’s a bold statement about an obviously very slim model. However, since the British press has blasphemed about Kate Moss, speaks all over the world of “Skinny fat”. Some rightly say that it was an impertinence to call very slim women as thick. How can one still have a positive self-image of themselves if even more now not sufficient slimness? The other explain, however, why “Skinny fat” can become a problem.
skinny fat

What is behind the “Skinny fat”?

The body is composed, among others with muscle and fat mass. A lot of muscle and little fat are optimal. Unfortunately, you are not automatically low in fat, just because you are slim and have a low BMI (Body Mass Index). Even slim people can have a lot of body fat and low muscle mass. Because you do a Crash diet and takes in a short period of time much less muscle mass if not at the same time is operated weight training. If one skinny fat, the body acts slim but not tight. Legs, arms, buttocks and abdomen are not trained, but soft and prone to cellulite.

Why is “Skinny fat” ascribe to a health problem

That’s all right, like the think one or the other now. Not everyone needs to have a six pack or super muscular legs. Right. However, this body is usually equated with a not so healthy lifestyle. Skinny fat is one usually when you lose weight very quickly and hardly plays sport. Even an unbalanced diet with lots of highly processed foods, sugar or alcohol can lead to a skinny fat figure.

Too little muscle mass and too much body fat can also in lean people lead to health problems. Specifically, the low-lying belly fat may promote cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke. Even Type 2 diabetes is more common. “Skinny fat” is not an optical problem but rather a health.

By the way: Naturally slim people may also be skinny fat when they feed on calories and barely move.

This avoids your “Skinny fat” and be slim and healthy

Forget the ideal of beauty! Change something in your skinny fat figure, because you what, for your health want to do! With these tips, you will bring your body in shape and distributes nasty fat deposits:

  • Waived on crash diets. Lose weight slowly. The Europe Nutrition Society recommends no more decrease than half a kilo per week.
  • Pay attention to your nutrition. Cook as much as possible themselves, preferably fresh, unprocessed foods as possible.
  • Do not eat as many sugary and high-fat foods.
  • Eat several daily servings of vegetables and fruit.
  • Preferably whole grain food.
  • Eat as versatile as possible.
  • Do several times a week aerobic exercise and increases your workout regularly. For those who have little time, there is a 20-minute fat burner workout.
  • Do not forget the power of endurance. Do several times a week strength training – which also goes wonderfully with your own body weight as resistance.

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