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Slim calves? So you force your calf muscles to grow!

Your calves are lean and muscular little? Many bodybuilders have big problems with their calves, so you’re not alone!


On the web many myths circulating about “the right calf training“. Forcing the best strategies for your calves to grow, you learn in this article.

The best strategies for your calf muscles to force them to grow:

1. The stretching is the key to success in calf training

In the gym equipment for the calf training are unfortunately too often used incorrectly. Usually with very little weight and at a pace where I get dizzy just watching. Effective wade training works but different!

Be careful with each repetition of a slow and controlled execution. Here, a weight should be chosen with which at least 6 reps full range of motion can be executed.

The elongation the calf muscles plays a very important role during execution. An intense stretching of the calf muscles is a negative phase controlled achieved. At the point of maximum muscle tension, the weight should best be kept for at least 2 seconds.

When calf training should be are trained to failure for each exercise.

2. High weight and low reps or high reps and low weight?

To answer this question it is important to know that the calf muscle endurance training is inherently usual. The calf muscles helps our body weight every day, which is comparable with many repetitions. Is now training at the gym calves with high reps and low weight, this will hardly impress the calf muscles and therefore they will not grow!

Therefore: Use a higher weight and train in the repetition range from 6 to 10 your calf muscles. As a result, your calf muscles become stronger and they will grow. At the end of the calf training but nothing speaks against a set of 15 to 20 repetitions for “really burn“.

3. The correct foot position is a small but very important detail in calf training

Have you ever thought about how you distribute the load on the calf training on the foot? No? Then it’s time!

The heel, so the back of the foot has lost nothing on the support surface in calf training. Pressed while the calf exercise always in the balls!

Balls of that area is directly under the toes. Consciously try to pressure during exercise in this area to distribute and you will feel the difference very quickly.
Slim calves

Summary applies to the calf training:

  • You have your calves on each calf training shock correctly.
  • Your calves must be subjected to loads that you do not encounter in everyday life and where your calves must react with muscle growth thereon.
  • Use a heavy weight and low reps. The rep range should be between 6-10!
  • When leg workout, always install the upper leg muscles to train and then the calf muscles.
  • Each repetition should consist of two seconds of positive repeat, hold for 2 seconds and then lower the weight for 3 seconds.
  • Train at each calf training to failure.
  • From my own experience I know that calf muscles can be quite painful. Therefore, in order to allow rapid regeneration, it is important to provide the body with enough nutrients and enough proteins. The protein supplement union offers this excellent amino acid balance and is best taken before bedtime.
  • Watch an exercise model with full range of motion and intense stretching of the calf muscles.
  • Press and during the exercise of the balls.
  • 4 to 6 sets of calf training hard to reach muscles enough to exercise.
  • The calf muscles can be retrained every 2 to 3 days.
  • If at the end of your calf training burns the calf muscles correctly, then you have probably done everything right.

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