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Sleeplessness – what to do against sleepless nights?

We slept almost a third of our lives. Why sleeping is exactly is still unknown. But it is clear that sleep is vital. However, a third of Europeans suffer from sleeplessness. Who can badly off in the evening and at night can not rest, feels whacked and is less efficient. There are a few tricks to finally sleep well.sleeplessness

Beautiful, fit and healthy in his sleep

Sleep relaxes the body and can come to rest the soul. In sleep especially many defense cells are formed skin cells renew themselves eight times faster than during the day. Lying relax, the muscles, the spinal discs can regenerate itself. The body shuts down many functions: blood pressure and pulse fall off easily, metabolic functions and body temperature are reduced. The response to external stimuli is reduced. However, the person may at any time be awakened from the sleep state. And that’s the problem. He often comes not in the relaxing state, which is so important to concentrate the next day to be fit and strong. Why is that? Sleep is a very complex process that is influenced by many internal and external factors.

Better to turn off and relax

Round off the day as calm as possible. Give yourself some leisure in beautiful music, a walk or a good book. Also Sport relaxed and ensures better sleep – but not just before bedtime. When the day was so hectic that you do not come to rest, help relaxation exercises.
Look no pounding movies late at night. Take prefer a hot bath at 38 degrees with relaxation-promoting oils like sandalwood and bergamot – and then off into the Hela. It is best to always go to bed at the same time, so that the body gets used to the sleep schedule.

Light dishes in the evening

Avoid hard to digest and fatty foods the evening, because the body is otherwise occupied with digestion and no peace is. Too sweet or spicy food caused heartburn. Eat protein-rich foods rather with fish and poultry. This is namely the preform of the sleep hormone serotonin.
Be careful with stimulant drinks: The stimulating caffeine in cola, coffee and black tea keeps the body often awake for hours later. Although alcohol is relaxing and promotes sleep, but too much alcohol makes it difficult to sleep through the night. Better is the long-standing warm milk with honey.

As you stacked your bed so you sleep

Is an important basis for good sleep a comfortable bed with a matching mattress. Separate yourself from old mattresses, which already have “hammock effect”. Also avoid hard to documents. The hardness should be adapted to the body weight.

Treat your spine recovery with a latex or foam mattress that is both point-elastic and breathable. Pelvis, shoulder and head are optimally supported, and the spine is straight. Do not use too thick pillows and headboards. The pillow should be just thick enough that the head may be an extension to the spine.

Relaxing and uninterrupted sleep

For lasting peace night sleep culture is the alpha and omega. This includes a good sleep environment. You do not need your room necessarily according to Feng Shui to set up, but a few things should be considered. The bedroom is no storage room – ironing, vacuum cleaners & Co. have no place in it. Paint the walls in warm colors – that gives a pleasant atmosphere. Windows should be darkened; opaque curtains, blinds or shutters to keep from giving light rays. If you still hold now the indoor climate at 18 degrees, ventilate regularly and avoid drafts, sweet dreams, nothing stands in the way. Well then: a good night!

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