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Sleep better means more muscle – 10 tips!

In this article I want to introduce you 10 tips on what you are helping them to improve sleep and hence to improved muscle recovery.sleep

Of course, the right training and the right muscle building diet should is not missing, because only by sleeping muscles grow not!

Why is sleep important for building muscle?

After a hard muscle training, the body regenerates best during sleep. During sleep, the body releases growth hormones increased from among other things, the important muscle building hormone testosterone.

This is why you should always provide enough sleep! An optimal sleep duration for an average human is about 8-9 hours.

10 tips will help you sleep better

Most of the following tips are quite easy to implement and yet very few of us do. Since I stick to most of the tips presented here, my sleep is much deeper and more restful. So here we go …

1. Go to bed when you’re tired

Many try on sleep exact time to plan and usually goes wrong. If you’re tired at 9 clock, then go to bed.

Do not hold yourself unnecessarily awake to watch any movie ends, because if the fatigue disappears, you could be unlucky and have the next three hours getting to sleep. So listen to your inner clock and go to bed when you feel tired.

2. Your bedroom should be completely dark

As dark as a cave 10 meters below ground. Eliminate all sources of light, because our subconscious and thus the brain is very sensitive. Even small light sources may prevent us into “sleep mode” switch.

3. Computer work 2 hours before bedtime quit

Since I have even still working on me, because as a blogger I write often well after midnight on new products. However, it is a fact that flash monitors stimulate the brain too much.

Melatonin, plays a very important role, as brightness is reducing production of melatonin. Darkness in turn promotes the release of the “sleep hormone” melatonin. Avoid so very bright light sources.
Right before bedtime.

4. Read books in front of going to bed

No kidding, it’s actually not. Best read a novel or nonfiction. Your brain waves have to be calm and helps an issue where you can unwind. If you want to jump up after Arnold Schwarzenegger Biography immediately to get started big in Hollywood, this is not the kind of book that you should read before going to sleep.

5. Train in the morning or at noon

If it fits into your daily routine, then plan the training better earlier in the day. Especially hard workouts with compound exercises that stimulate your central nervous system strong will keep you awake and make it hard for you to dreamland to go.

6. Spending time in the sun

Yes, I know this is easier said than done. If there is no sun, we must help ourselves and spend as much time as possible in well lit rooms. Since the aforementioned hormone melatonin comes into play.

A natural melatonin levels during the day is very low and is getting higher, the darker it becomes. But Do you spend all day in a dark room gets the melatonin budget out of balance.

7. No TV in the bedroom

Your bedroom should only be used for 2 things: sleep and sex. The latter can also help you the way to faster muscle gain, as much sex raises testosterone levels naturally.

We come back to the topic. Not to watch TV you get used to the bedroom or work. In the long run, your brain will then directly associate this space only sleeping.

8. Dietary supplements can help

In order to improve your sleep quality and thereby accelerate muscle growth, we recommend the Muscle  Nighttime Recovery.

The Nighttime Recovery consists of natural amino acids, a special blend of herbs, as well as zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. These materials are very important for a good night’s sleep and can help you after a few days, sleep better! Give it a try, it’s worth a try!

Anyone looking for a cheaper option, which I can recommend warm milk before bedtime also a glass. Warm milk is free of substances that can also foster the quality of sleep and you better and deeper sleep can.

9. Eat not go directly before sleeping

Again, there are big differences from person to person. If you belong to the group of people who are more anxious after eating, then eat the last meal at least 2 hours before bedtime.

10. Sex as a natural sleep aid

If you are one of those lucky people who have an attractive partner, then you should not be difficult this point. The extreme tiredness comes over especially men after sex, can be used optimally. I’ve checked the theory several times. It works!


Now a few words followed. When I was a student and had slept for 8 weeks during the holidays around 10 hours a day, my progress in the gym were as big as never before and never again after that.

I can not emphasize strongly enough how important the sofa in the motor sport. He is the muscle building supplement №1. Your body is in sleep mode the total repair and growth hormone release running on the maximum. Sleep at least 8-9 hours, caring for a balanced diet and you will be rewarded with guaranteed increase strength and muscle building.

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