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Six pack theory

Every man wants that every woman finds it attractive. The six pack. The six pack abs. But what must happen, so that the racoon abdomen becomes to six pack abs?sixpack

This is determined by 3 factors. The genetics, the size of the muscles and the body fat content.

1. The Genetics

Not every six-pack looks the same. In some people, you can rather speak about a four-pack, because on the lower abs shape is simply not enough. Likewise, there is also, though rarely, the eight-pack. Then the lower abs divided once again. Genetics also determines if the Pack is balanced, so that the left side looks exactly like the right. It can also be that a sides looks completely different. Also the photo here in the post shows a slightly unbalanced abdominal muscles.

2. The Body Fat Content

So all the muscles come to the fore, the layer above the muscles, of course, not very thick. What is fat meant.

Only with a relatively low body fat content you will get your six-pack. In men, however, is in the abdominal area tends to be more fat there and it is also the place where it is taken in a diet until the very end. This is also genetically different from person to person.

With some it is the six pack from just 15% KFA (body fat percentage) is visible, in others only at 8%. I would set a benchmark of 10%.

3. The size of the abdominal muscles

A six-pack can only stand out, and of course, if the muscles are trained. Remember: The fitter and more are the abdominal muscles, the greater may be the fat content, so that one can speak of a six-pack.

Conclusion: Since you can not change anything in his genetics, it is important to focus on the remaining 2 factors. That is to train well and reduce the fat content.

How do I train my abdomen?

First of all, we need to understand what not to do: 1000 situps every day.

The abdominal muscle is a muscle just like everyone else. Therefore, it must also be trained as biceps, chest or back and just does not follow the principle of more is more. It is completely unnecessary and counter-productive to train the abdomen more than 2 to 3 times a week. It is important to set a short stimulus. 8 to 10 minutes abdominal workout are perfectly adequate.

What exercises are recommended?

Principle: More free exercises as exercises on the machine. In my opinion, if forcing the body trained in abdominal Machines into an unnatural posture, the body in the long term more harm than good.
Crunches, leg raises, reverse crunches, etc. are the classic of the abdominal exercises.

A workout might look like this:

Crunches 2 x 8 to 12 reps (repetitions)
2 x 8 to 12 reps Leg Raises
2 x 8 to 12 reps reverse crunches

Should I use extra weight?

One can, but need not. Studies have shown that the additional weight of more than 20% of body weight brings no significant advantages. So okay to 20%, everything about it is nonsense.

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