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Samsung Gear Fit vs. Polar FT60 – SmartWatch and FitnessWatch!

Intelligent fitness watches with helpful features, including fitness training programs, are currently very much in vogue. They not only stylish but also offer real added value in the daily life of an athlete.Smartwatch oder Fitnesswatch

In the following, we compare a SmartWatch with a fitness watch, the example of the Samsung Gear Fit and Polar FT60 with respect to their features, usability, etc …

Difference between SmartWatch and FitnessWatch?

  • A basic distinction between smartwatches and fitness watches. A SmartWatch is developed for the sporting life including, but not only. To be able to use the full functionality of a smart watch, SmartWatch has a smartphone, for example, via Bluetooth, respectively.
  • In contrast, FitnessWatch all especially to the sporting activity align and it does not require a smartphone to use the full functionality of the clock can.

Samsung Gear Fit – Stylish SmartWatch with weaknesses

Samsung Gear Fit

The functions of the Samsung Gear Fit SmartWatch with curved AMOLED touchscreen are versatile. The most important of these are:

Heart Rate Monitor, Pedometer, Speedometer, count of calories burned, sleep analysis to display incoming messages, as Whatsapp messages, SMS or mail.

Integrated vibration function makes this even noticeable. In addition, can be controlled a media player so you simply select on the smartphone and continues to push the album with the help of the clock or adjust the volume.

Timer and stopwatch has the Samsung Gear Fit.

A portrait or landscape mode for Kant the ideal reading of fitness watch is possible and it can be set quick start functions by double clicking on the single control knob clock.

The clock is against water and dust up to 30 minutes and 1 m depth, protected, so the clock can be worn while washing hands or showers at times.

The display has a good sharpness and rich colors, there are six different levels of brightness and background of the clock can be with different colors and designs set.

After the training can use the app to the distance, duration, maximum and average speed, and average pulse rate are displayed.

The biggest drawback of the Samsung Gear Fit

That it only offers functions for aerobic exercise, such as running or cycling. For strength athletes in vain for features or apps.

The accuracy of the data is also criticized: the pulse sensor automatically measures during training only every 90 seconds and only works with a steady hand posture. Also, the step counter which counts the vibration, often has inaccuracies. According to a product evaluation steps were analyzed during a car ride.
The sleep test gives only information about the time and the proportion of immobility in his sleep on. The Samsung Gear Fit can be connected only with Samsung devices, such as the Galaxy S4 or S5. Data is transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0 instead of a required app.

Polar FT60 – the fitness-rounder

Polar FT60

A classic fitness watch the example of the Polar FT60 is not tied to a smartphone. Data analysis finds, especially at this clock, a so-called Flowlink instead. This is a cable that one hand on the clock, on the other hand connected via USB to the PC.

The features are aligned to the training area. Thus, for a Training Diary, customized training program and Training Analysis and calorie and fat consumption graphs create.

In order to determine the current state of the gym, there is also a fitness test.

Polar FT60 has a memory of 100 training sessions and GPS sensor, which the speed and distance covered can be recorded.

A target zone alarm works acoustically and visually. Just like the SmartWatch Samsung includes the Polar FT60 fitness watch a Heart Rate Monitor, alarm and Time and date display.

A clear advantage over the Samsung Gear Fit is that the fitness watch Polar FT60 in the water at a water depth of up to 30 meters can be used.

What about SmartWatch and fitness watch out when it comes to usability?

Both watches are very user friendly and can be even in strong sunlight still read well. However, for older persons, it may well be difficult to read the rather small displays, as is a zoom or magnification function it does not.

The 27-ounce Samsung Gear Fit has only one control knob. On first use, reference texts are displayed and the menu is according to many customer reviews on the net s ehr clear and self-explanatory. The settings can be controlled via smartphone.

Polar FT60 weighs about 350 grams and also provides a very clear menu.

To the price (as of March 2015)

Both watches are in a similar price range:

  • Samsung Gear Fit currently costs around 125$ on Amazon
  • On the other hand, there is the Polar FT60, among other things to buy here and now costs 97$.


Both products have their advantages and disadvantages. Preference is given to a suitable for everyday use, versatile clock you are well advised with the Samsung Gear Fit. Convinced the build quality and the design is very appealing. Not only can you choose between six different strap colors, but also change the bracelets will. The functions, however, are severely limited, if you do not use the clock with a current Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

If one is looking for a clock primarily in the sports area, convince the functions of the Polar FT60. The data analysis is more subtle and more accurate than the Samsung Gear Fit and you can also use the water the clock. Included in delivery, chest strap, provides an accurate measurement. It is also not in another product, such as the Galaxy smartphone on the Samsung Gear Fit, instructed.

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