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Running or Cycling – that endurance training is more effective?

Two of the most popular endurance sports in Europe are the cycling and running.


In comparison, 27% regularly run in the park or on the treadmill, but which of the two endurance sports is more effective in terms of calories and fat loss?

Running: big calories and perfect cardiovascular training

The great advantage of running the resulting calories, which is significantly higher than the other popular sports. The exact calorie consumption depends on factors including the age and sex and can be calculated after training. The running training is therefore ideal for those who want to lose weight – only you should make sure that when overweight joints are heavily loaded. In this case, it is better to do with swimming or cycling, as these sports are gentler on the body. Another advantage is that you can run anywhere at any time, you just need a couple of good shoes and the right clothes. Training is even possible in winter, provided the appropriate equipment. And who knows, maybe all year skiers will soon be busy preparing for a marathon again.

Running training – the most important information at a glance:

  • calorie consumption : 547 per hour
  • circulation of oxygen per minute : 1.9 liter
  • joint load : High, if one is overweight or has the wrong running technique.

Cycling: endurance sports with less stress on the joints

When cycling, you have to be a bit longer in motion as in running, to achieve the same calorie consumption. More specifically, when the rotor for an extra hour, the cyclist must 80-minute drive to achieve the same results. But this need not be a disadvantage, because the wheel you can see much more than walking and bring long distances behind. With a Bike Computer Bike Unit is also quickly get an overview of the number of deposited kilometers, speed, and calories burned.

Cycling – the most important information at a glance:

  • calorie consumption : 412 per hour
  • circulation of oxygen per minute : 1.5 liter
  • joint load: low, the sport is so good for older and overweight

Whether running or cycling, both sports are ideal for unwanted fat to lose. When training you burn more calories while, but the cycling offers more variety and can greatly be fun in the great outdoors with friends!

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