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Pump up the muscles! The best Exercises for sexy, toned arms

Show us your biceps! How about with you? Do you already have a pair of muscles or the following Exercises for the upper arms just for you?Arms

Problem zone arms: more and more women want muscular upper arms. No thick muscle, but a well-toned biceps, one sees the flexing of the arm. Who is not constantly carries heavy things, must something do. There are specific exercises for the upper arms! Decide for yourself whether you your arms only with your body weight want to train as a single resource, or whether their dumbbells, kettlebells or the Thera-Band take to help.

Makes the following exercises for the upper arms at least three days per week. Pay attention when carrying out that the upper body remains straight and you undertake the exercises slowly and controlled.

Exercises for the upper arms: without weights, belt or kettlebell

Actually, the weight of your body enough to build a few muscles. There are plenty of exercises for the upper arms, which you can do at home without assistance. The classic are push ups or dips.arms

Pushup for the biceps:

Become into a push-Position: the hands are a little more than shoulder width supported on the floor at shoulder height, keeping them together with tiptoe the body. Pull your stomach in tight and now deep bend your arms. Make sure that the body remains in a line and do not ride up the buttocks.

3 x 10 reps

Variant for beginners: kneel and push ups in this position.arms

Pushups for the triceps:

Becomes in a push-up position, the hands not broad on, but under the breast. Clamps the abdomen firmly and prevents the arms deep. Thus, are trained specially the rear arm muscles.

3 x 10 repsarms

Dips for the triceps:

Take a chair, sofa, bed or bench as an aid. Supports hands on the edge and sets the feet as far away from the sofa so that the legs are straight. Now bends your arms and comes deep.

3 x 12 reps

Exercises for the upper arms: with dumbbells

If you have dumbbells, you can of course do with it also a few exercises for the upper arms. It is ideal if you have a set with different heavy weights. Finally, you are building muscle and you will soon be more weight for the individual exercises.arms

Exercises for the biceps:

Take in each hand a dumbbell, bends the arms, take them up to shoulder level and then slowly stretched it upwards by. Again lower at shoulder height and push upwards.

3 x 15 reps


Lateral arm-curl for the biceps:

Take again in each hand a dumbbell, raises his arms stretched sideways up to shoulder height. Now bends his arms and pushes her hands towards the head and shoulders. Make sure that your arms remain at shoulder height.

3 x 15 reps


Biceps curl:

Take in each hand holding a dumbbell. The arms are laterally close to the body. Prevents the arms 90 degrees so your forearms are parallel to the floor. From this position, it pushes them toward the upper body and back.

3 x 15 reps


Cross-pressures for the biceps:

Take in each hand a dumbbell. Arms stretched out at shoulder height from straight forward. Now you crossed it at a rapid pace. Make sure that your arms remain at shoulder height.

3 x 20 seconds

Exercises for the upper arms: With Kettlebells

Kettlebells are a great fitness machine to bring the whole body in tip-top shape. The balls can you use them for many different exercises for the upper arms.


Triceps Curl:

Take the kettlebell in both hands, arms extended straight up over your head. Make sure that they are behind the ears. Now you bow your arms, so that the kettlebell is pushed down the back.

3 x 10 reps


Lateral Triceps Curl:

Supports your left arm and left leg from a chair. Take the kettlebell in your right hand. Prevents the arm about 90 degrees and pulls the arm so high that the hand is at hip level. From this position, it pushes the arm including kettlebell gone straight back.

3 x 10 reps

Exercises for the upper arms: with Thera-Band

Like the kettlebells is the Thera-Band is a great fitness equipment for the whole body. The acquisition is worth it, if you often trained at home and especially belly, buttocks and legs want to get in shape. Since working at the tape with resistance, there are many exercises in which the upper arms are trained.


Tape expander for the biceps:

Sit down with your legs and back straight on the floor. Sets the Thera-Band to the soles of the feet and then pulling the tape into small movements toward torso.

3 x 20 reps


Kneels down to you, the Thera-Band is from the knees held to the ground. Take one end in each hand, arms stretched out to the side and pull it in small upward movements.

3 x 20 reps



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