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Playing fit on the beach and on the lawn

In the holiday is often only once at leisure. But who has long been dozing on the couch, would do well to bring his body finally back on track. Often the children ask for a little movement and employment. Well if you have then Europe a couple of games that make all the fun. Here you will find out which sports and toys fit well into your holiday luggage. Is in the trunk no more space or you have simply forgotten the utensils at home? Do not worry, we’ll show you how you can improvise fun games, with materials that can be found on the beach and on the lawn.holidays

The classics: Water and other Balls

Having a ball in his luggage, is always a good idea – it is an inflatable beach ball, a small, lightweight plastic ball or a real volleyball or soccer. For playing in the water are primarily beach balls or styrofoam balls that do not soak up and not go down. Meanwhile, there are even balls, jumping on the water. On the beach or on the lawn, it plays better with softballs, solid plastic or leather balls. For a leather ball, you should not forget the pump.

Two popular games: Beach ball, badminton & Co.

Two rackets and a ball are a wonderful foundation for the sporting pastime for two. On the lawn is used the classic badminton game. On the beach and sea are accessed better flat wooden rackets and a solid ball that is not so easily gone with the wind. Funny are also Velcro ball and gloves and various other variants of rackets and balls.

Sporty goals: Boccia, Cross-Boccia and Pétanque

Bocce ball with colorful balls can be used as a family game on uneven ground play. Everyone gets two balls of one color and must be as close as possible to the small Jack, also “piggy”, heranwerfen. So for the Small not too heavy, you may have something closer approach. For any terrain, including stairs and interiors is a Cross-bocce, the filled package is thrown. Who professional that wants to play, should be a game of bowls-Set of the Luggage. It should, however, also a boules court with a firm and even ground to be present.

Viking chess, bowling or Kubb Bauer

Growing in popularity is a game from Scandinavia, which is, for example, under the name “Viking Chess” or “Bauer Bowling” known. In Scandinavia it is Kubb, translated: “Klotz”. The game is played with two parties. In the middle of a staked field is the “King”, on both faces a number of blocks. With wooden rods must first be thrown the opposing blocks and ultimately the king. King, clogs and wooden sticks can be purchased, but also made himself.

Skill required: Slackline

Who of skill and concentration to practice like you can on logs, drift wood, and a similar balance. A real challenge, however, are slack. The solid bands stretched between two trees. It’s not easy to stand on the wobbly, slightly sagging bands or to go. But savvy slackliners can it even jump and perform tricks.

Improvised games on the beach and on the lawn

Who has no balls, rackets or other games, one must not give up fun, games and movement. Look around: what materials lying around? Which things you have, which can be misuse? Just be creative. Here are some ideas:

Target throwing: improvised Boccia also works with small stones, pine cones, sticks or similar. Take first a particularly striking instance as a target or determine any fixed destination. Now all have to throw from a starting line with their cones or stones as close as possible to the target.

Triangle Billiards with stones: visit three medium-sized stones, which can be shoot well – for example, with a stick. Place the stones in a triangle with a maximum of one meter side length on the floor. Successively, each player now has to shoot a stone between the two other stones pass. The last shot stone must however not be shot back. At the end all the bricks have to be placed on a pre-determined, somewhat distant finish line.

Toes Transportation: each collects five stones or small sticks and place them side by side on the starting line. Now all must engage barefoot ever a stones / sticks with your toes and bring on one leg hopping behind the finish line. The first player has all his stones in the target, won.

Collect treasures: each player must collect five different resources that are previously defined: for example, a cockle, a white stone, a pen, a piece of bladder wrack and a birch leaf. There must always be brought to the collection point only one piece. Who first gathered all won.

Little Boat Race: each player is a boat from Driftwood, a stick or similar builds. At the boat a string is attached. Players move their boats close to him, by winding the cord on a stick. The game is played in the water, on sand or on the lawn. All boats start at a specified starting line. The one whose Bötchen first reaches the set finish line, won.

Bottle Bowling: during the summer, you often plastic beverage bottles here. Empty or filled with a little water or sand, they are great as a cone. By more or less filling can be adjusted the difficulty. By a line from the players try to throw the bottles with a ball. If no ball, it also does a stone, a piece of wood or a rolled sock tangle.

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