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Plants as a feel-good factor at the office

Especially in autumn and winter plants deteriorate from dry heated air and frequent changes in air temperature in the office. Rare airing, and exhalations of people and equipment play their role in existence of stuffy indoor air. So many people complain of fatigue, lack of concentration and lack of activity. While this can have various causes, but houseplants can mitigate at least some of the problems. Expand your office simply by some “green colleagues”. Because green plants not only look beautiful, but can also demonstrably improve the indoor climate and enhance the well-being at work.plants

Plants improve mood and concentration

Many people today spend most of their lives indoors, but the preference is still for us fresh air. Not for nothing the human brain can distinguish more than 2,000 greens. Love for plant since time immemorial embedded in our genes. Who wants to do something good to their colleagues and employees can surprise them with beautiful plants. The fact that plants improve the well-being and calm the soul, is proven in numerous scientific studies. Plants provide a stress-reducing and focusing at work atmosphere. They also raise the spirits and increase productivity.

Detectable healthier

A scientific study from Norway has examined, for example the impact of plants on the health of office workers. After planting numerous health problems of employees were significantly reduced:

  • Fatigue by 30%
  • Dry throat by 30%
  • Cough by 37%
  • Dry, irritated skin by 23%

Source: Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Green relaxed

Who is every day eight hours surrounded by computers, printers and artificial light, greens in the office can act as a balm to the soul, because green relaxed. Plants are not only decorative, but provide a bright spot in the dreary gray office. They also serve as a friendly welcome and eye-catcher for visitors. Who wants to hide not behind an entire flower landscape, can for example use the window sill, there to create a new home for indoor plants.

Due to the plants improves humidity

Especially in the winter months many people suffer from dry heating air, the oral and nasal mucous membranes and eyes Irritating. Some plants can cause in the ways: measurement of humidity in green office buildings have shown that plants by an average of 2 humidity – increase 5%. Even better values can be achieved with so-called Prima-air-plants. These plants have a large leaf surface and thereby give a lot of moisture to the room from.

Plants absorb noise and pollutants

Also our ears enjoy the decorative plants a small relief, because “swallow” some plants decibels of noise, which we are daily exposed to ringing phones, printers, keyboards and fan.

“Bad air” in the office does not necessarily originate from the trouble with the boss. Numerous substances that are submitted by PCs, printers and copiers in the environment, pollute the air. Again, green inhabitants administer first aid: they reduce the concentration of carbon dioxide and provide oxygen through their production for fresh air. At the same time they bind dust and reduce volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde and benzene, which can be harmful in higher concentrations.

Selection: for every demand the right plant

Those who wish to bring plants not only as a decorative gem into the room, should seek the advice of experts in the greening. As air-purifying plants are located, among others Sword fern, ivy and date palms particularly well. Plants with a high water consumption provide a lot of humidity. These include ornamental grasses, Room Linden or banana plants. These include ornamental grasses, Room Linden or banana plants. The care requirements of the plants and the local conditions should be integrated with the choice. Is best to think the plants with the same care requirements together.

The care basics

In order for many years to enjoy the green inhabitants, one should water regular and adequate but avoid waterlogging. When the plants are a long time in the water, this can lead to rot and root damage, they “drown”. Simply make the test of your finger: pour when the soil feels dry; she is moist, rather wait a few more days. The choice of location is crucial. Plants that feel most comfortable in dark, cool place, do not expose to direct sunlight and vice versa. Even if you think that you have no green look on: there is still no master fell from the sky. With a little attention, patience and sometimes a expert you can transform your office certainly in a small green oasis.

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