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Plan holidays well – Travel relaxed

Vacation is supposed to be the most beautiful time of the year. We dream of relaxing hours on the beach or harmonic encounters throughout the world. Just stupid, when the flippers or the camera is missing, the passport has expired or the flowers wither at home. This allows you to enjoy the holiday properly, good and is worthwhile planning in advance. We give you tips on what to look for in order to avoid stress from the outset and to overcome all the obstacles

A destination for all needs

Where to go this year? Revel best already at least six months before you travel on vacation dreams. Clarify the possibility who has what needs: Dear lazy, do sports or discover something new? If possible, hot and sunny or prefer moderate temperatures? Mountains or sea, at home or abroad? Where and how can the ideas of all passengers best reconcile? Yet you have enough time to look for matching destinations. Now the chances are good to find beautiful and affordable accommodation.

Plan your holidays with time and checklists

Tune your holiday period starting with fellow travelers, family, employers, and colleagues, when all options are open as early as possible. Ideal for relaxation is 2-3 weeks of vacation at a time. plan on best also the day before departure and the day after the return, as a holiday, and the uncommonly relaxed.

It is advisable to apply well before the holiday personal checklists: Whatever needs with? What we often forget? You can complete the list whenever you think of anything else – and of course after every holiday.

Start travel arrangements early

Anticipation is the greatest pleasure. Think. Already 2-3 months before the start of your holiday Browse through guidebooks and obtain maps. Look at the opportunity if your identity documents are still valid. Are visa or vaccinations required? What about travel insurance, insurance card for the car or vignettes abroad? Must the car in front of a great trip even for inspection?

Check and complete equipment

A few weeks before the holiday travel, you should think about the equipment. Are matching suitcases, bags and backpacks available? Lack of even special clothing or shoes for the journey? Become tent, sleeping pads, sleeping bags or cookware needed? Or maybe stand mussel, water wings and toys? The player should check their sports equipment and repair or complete if necessary.

Travel pharmacy: healthy traveling

Mind you now already to the necessary first aid kit. Constantly consumed medications must be in sufficient quantity. Classic travel companion is painkillers, plasters, wound disinfectant and bandages. Also remedy for motion sickness, colds or diarrhea, ointments against sprains and bruises and a thermometer should be there. When traveling abroad, special drugs and water purification tablets may be required. Consult the doctor or at the pharmacy.

Best protected: Mosquito and sun protection

Crucial for a healthy, relaxing holiday is the protection from sun and mosquitoes. Sunscreen with a high sun protection factor belongs necessarily to the holiday luggage. Think also to sunglasses, sun hat and possibly a parasol.

Mosquito bites are not only annoying but can also trigger allergies or transmit diseases. Liniments and sprays to keep mosquitoes away for a while. Long clothing protects against bites. And who travels in mosquitoes or even malaria areas should have a mosquito net there. Cooling gels and antihistamines reduce itching and allergic reactions.

The household and the animals are well supplied

Out of sheer Reisefieber, the local budget can easily be forgotten. But who pours the flowers and supplies the pets? This should be clarified in time. Perhaps taking or not they read the newspaper and the mail out of the box. Otherwise, you should unsubscribe and encamp at the post office.

Start time to dry all the clothes, the washing should, and iron. When grocery shopping, one should restrain overlooking the journey something so fresh can be used up before departure. Reiseproviant you can shop in the same hand.

Suitcase: do not forget anything?

By the time it goes to pack, carry Checklists help to ensure that nothing is forgotten. Who has not put in their own list, may be based on numerous pre-made lists (s. Infobox). The best way to collect already over the weeks, all holiday gear in a fixed place. At the end even clothing, cosmetics, food, etc. to come. Only tick off, in the end, everything on the checklist and pack. To keep good track and do not have to unpack bags again to check whether example the flashlight was already stowed somewhere.

Necessarily check before departure

Yay, finally we go! Despite in the excitement now, keeps a cool head. Make sure that throw out the garbage and give away or dispose about perishable food and flowers. Have you filed your vacation address and your front door and mailbox key with neighbors, family or friends? Are all electrical appliances turned off, windows and doors closed?

Check again in peace if the most important things are: not to mention money and bank cards, ID cards, tickets, accounting documents and vouchers, insurance cards, car papers, driver’s license and Navi, cell phone and charger cable, of course. Then pull the door, complete, leave everyday life behind relax and enjoy your holidays.

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