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Part 3: Intermittent fasting – diet plan for losing weight

In this third and final part of our series on intermittent fasting, we provide you a sample diet plan before, the ideal adapts to the intermittent fasting lifestyle.Intermittent fasting

With this diet you will be able to reduce your body fat while maintaining your existing hard earned muscle!

Information about the following diet plan

The following diet plan is optimized for a 85 kg heavy athletes the BMR at 2500 Kcal moved. This diet contains a total of calories from 2100. So you’re moving it about 400 Kcal in deficit and therefore you should lose body fat 200 to 500 grams per week.

If you are heavier or lighter, the Kcal quantities must be adapted to your weight.

intermittent fasting diet plan

12:00 noon clock

proteins in g

  carbohydrates in g
 fats in g
100g wholemeal pasta 11.5 66.5 1.8
150g tuna (canned in water) 36.3 0 1.5
60g tomato sauce (Sugo) 0.9 3.6 1.8
300g watermelon or pineapple 200g 1.8 24.9 0.6
Nutrients 50.5 95 5.7 678.66
14:00 clock afternoon
500g fat yogurt 1% fat 21.5 21 5
50g cereal 4.5 29 9.5
Nutrients 26 50 14.5 461.65
17:00 clock evening
1x bread with sunflower (100g) 14 36 17
100g turkey ham 19 0 1.2
60g Sandwitch cucumber 0.4 7.2 0.1
Nutrients 33.4 43.2 18.3 499.57
20:00 clock Evening Post
50g Whey protein powder 40 1 1.5
5g linseed 0 0 5
500ml skimmed milk 0.7% fat 20.5 25 3.5
Nutrients 60.5 26 10 464.95
Proteins Carbohydrates Fat
macronutrients total
170.4 214.2 48.5
Kcal Total 732.72 921.06 451.05 2104.83

About the meals


The tuna you can with the pasta and tomato sauce mix, tastes delicious! You can also sprinkle spices such as oregano or Italian herbs over the noodles. For seasoning but NO salt! Salt should generally be avoided, because salt attracts water into the cells and washes up on by!


When cereal I use the Crunchy Nut cereal savings. It can also be used any other cereal. Be careful with the selection of your cereal, that the sugar content is as low as possible!


For your sandwich in the evening there must be a bread with sunflower not mandatory. It owner also any other whole grain bread. Please always adjust the nutritional values accordingly.

Post-evening meal:

As a protein powder is particularly suitable in a diet a Whey Isolate. Isolates have the advantage that they are extremely low fat and sugar and deliver high-quality protein for muscle building. We recommend Whey Protein Isolate!

Tips for closing

In this diet plan, it makes sense to the Training 17:00 to 20:00 clock to perform.
Through the hard training and low calorie intake, the body will take longer to regenerate muscles. You should be, therefore, on training days, especially not spare even looser endurance sports should be avoided. Motorsport however, is allowed – a quad bike tour or in winter by snowmobile are a brilliant way to regenerate! 😉

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