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Ooom in the office! With these Yoga Exercises you banish Stress & tension

Pure Stress! You can not think clearly any more, and then even neck pain. There is only one: a few yoga exercises that you can make in your office locally.

Yoga is the perfect remedy for stress. So why not make a few yoga poses where you are particularly stressed – at work!

For many exercises and sequences you need is a little space and tranquility. Some you can even make directly to your desk chair! You’ll see: after that the neck is no longer so tense, you can focus again and will have new exercises

Parvatasana – Arm stretches to the top

Back and shoulders are tense? Then this Arm Stretches are the ideal exercise. Make them either standing or on the office chair.

That’s how it’s done:
Upright sit in the chair, slightly tilt the pelvis forward, move the belly button in and up.

With breath raise arms stretched over her head and fold their hands here. Possible long-range upward. With upscale arms breathe again, to move on with the inhalation still slightly upwards. Lower the arms to exhale.

Repeat the exercise, turning the palms with crossed fingers upward.

Repeat 30 seconds – several times a day

Indudalasana – Arm Stretches aside

In order for the lower back remains fit, you should also run aside her your arm stretches.

That’s how it’s done:
Upright sit in the chair, slightly tilt the pelvis forward, move the belly button in and up.

With breath raise arms stretched above her head. Folds moving your hands, the thumbs are adjacent and are not crossed. Exhale.

With the next inhalation pull up, makes sure that the shoulders are pulled away from the ears. With the exhalation it lowers the upper body far to the right, the shoulders remain parallel. Between breathing and lateral stretch a little deeper. By inhaling raise, lowering the exhalation arms. Making on the other side as well.

Repeat 45 seconds – several times a day

Uttanasana – Standing forward bending

The forward bending is perfect for those who are struggling with back problems and have tension in the shoulder and neck area. The whole back – from the lower lumbar way up to the shoulders – is stretched.

That’s how it’s done:
Upright, with hip width open legs, stand up. Activate legs, buttocks and hips, and gently pull the belly button inward.

The arms overhead lift and straighten your spine. Then fold their arms and embrace with his hands the opposite elbow. Let fall toward the floor with your back straight torso.

Hold the position for 3 to 5 breaths, sinks ever further downward. By inhalation come up, while rolling up one vertebra.

3-5 reps – several times a day.

Variants of the standing forward bending

The Standing forward bending, you can also do in two variations. Just have a look which version you like best.

Version 1:
Provide backward against a wall, represents a chair about 40 centimeters in front of you. Stand with feet on the chair legs.

Belly slightly move, sit your butt against the wall. Now raise your arms above your head, draw the spine long and lean forward, lie down until arms and forehead on the chair. Keep 3 to 5 breaths. Come up with the inhalation, you rolled up vertebra by vertebra.

Version 2:
Imagine a few feet in front of a wall, legs are open hip width. Gently pull the belly button inward. Raise your arms above your head, draw the spine long and stretch. Then as far as lean forward with a straight back, that you can support yourself with your hands on the wall. Torso and legs should form a 90 degree angle. Keep 3 to 5 breaths. Establish with the inhalation.

Virabhadrasana 1 – Warrior 1

Sometimes you’re just tired and without energy. In such cases, the Warrior positions help. Served on the one hand legs, shoulders and arms, but also promote the concentration and return energy. Focus then is no longer a problem. Does this exercise just beside your desk or even outdoors. Your fits into the smallest space.

That’s how it’s done:
Make with the right leg a big lunge backward. Bend the right foot 45 degrees. The outer edge should be secured to the mat. The left foot is placed forward. The right leg is stretched, thereby easily pulled the knee inward.

Bend your left leg until it has a 90 degree angle. The knee must not protrude beyond the foot. The thigh should be parallel to the ground. Is he the to not start, decreases with each exhalation careful a little further down.

From this position, extend your arms upward, palms are placed together, the shoulders sink away from your ears. Turn our gaze between her folded hands and hold the position for 3 to 5 breaths. After the last breathing resolve the position and switch sides.

3-5 reps – several times a day

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