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No more progress? 5 Strategies to overcome stagnation in muscle building

In bodybuilding, it is like in life, it’s not always uphill are waiting setbacks, obstacles and disappointments. And even those who exercised regularly and with a lot of ambition, may one day find that the muscles still do not want to grow and remain at a certain level.

stagnation in muscle building

But fortunately there are best ways and means to overcome these training plateaus and quickly return back on the winning track back.

How can training plateaus and stagnation arise?

First of all you should know, however, how such a stagnation ever comes and causing training plateaus. There are four main reasons for declining muscle growth, which in some cases are linked.

  • The one hand, a poor diet prevent progress. For example, when is added to enough food to meet the daily needs for energy, no energy can be used to build muscle. In addition, a one-sided diet lead to stagnation in training. Above all, too little protein and too little vitamins in your daily diet are fatal, as both protein and vitamins are essential for building muscle.
  • Stagnation can also by excessive training created. Every day train the same muscle groups without treat these rest periods, inevitably leads to stagnation, since the muscles can only grow during rest periods. Too long workouts are counterproductive, because then the anti-stress hormone cortisol is released, which has a muscle-wasting effect.
  • Another reason for the development of training plateau is a one-sided training. Because the body gets used relatively quickly to the ever same sequence of exercises and intensity and responded to at some point with a stagnation of muscle growth.
  • Finally, but can also be the simple lack of focus and objectives to blame be that muscle growth is slow in coming. Once skipped the workout, then made only two instead of three sets already stored and the bar again with the first bit of burning. Without training plan and discipline training plateaus are the rule and not the exception.

What strategies can be used to overcome training plateaus and stagnation in bodybuilding?

1. Diet change

Because fundamentally a continuous muscle building and maintaining both an adequate intake of protein and a positive energy balance. This means that every day more calories must be included, as required by the body for its energy sales.

A healthy appetite is therefore essential if the body is to diligently set of muscles. With increasing muscle mass and weight because it increases the energy requirements, which must be balanced with increased food intake. It should always be taken to include plenty of protein because protein is essential for the growth and maintenance of muscles as muscle block. Both the intake of calories and the amount of protein in your daily diet should therefore at least 1.5 to 2 grams per kilogram of body weight be increased to counter stagnation.

In addition, should also be respected absolutely sure enough fruits and vegetables to eat to get vitamins also play an important role in muscle development.

2. The muscles breaks treat

Another important point in the prevention of training plateaus in bodybuilding is the right amount of rest and breaks. Every day in the studio and several hours may turn the iron sound at first like a good idea to build muscle bulk. But in truth applies the old motto “less is more” because the muscles need after great effort some recovery phase to regenerate and ultimately to be able to grow.

The muscle that is not growing during exercise, but during the recovery period. The workouts should therefore be adapted to one and the same muscle group will never trained on two consecutive days.

3. Set new goals

A stagnation is often associated with resignation. The best strategy to not to let these arise in the first is to give yourself a new motivation. It helps a new goal for himself to define and then to pursue this with full commitment. Further incentive and motivation can create a muscle model, a body on which it is based and where you can emulate in his training.

However, new motivation can also create, for example, the use of creatine. Regular intake of creatine provides an increase in strength with which one can overcome the one hand, a stagnation of force and on the other hand greatly to gaining new motivation.

4. Training on short changing units

Sometimes absence of progress depends paradoxically also to the fact that is trained for too long and too hard. The duration of work-outs simply reduce times, with constant intensity. 40-50 minutes of intensive training and auspowerndes can have significantly more effect on muscle growth, as long units of up to two hours.

Everyone should know that the training of the muscles with heavy weights is not only a heavy burden on the muscles, but for the entire body and in also for our nervous system. If you train too hard for too long runs the risk of falling into overtraining and increases the regeneration period thereafter unnecessarily.

5. Constant excitement set

The muscles adapt easily to change monotonous training. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep trying new training methods, exercises and exchange more times to vary the severity of the weights. There are hundreds of different exercises and almost more training methods, so a regular change of the exercises and the training plan should not be difficult.

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The most successful bodybuilders have suffered many setbacks on their way to the top. The trick is not to let it get them the same and continue to hold on to its destination. No training plateau lasts forever and is insurmountable, with the right attitude, a new strategy and a little patience you will also reach your goal!

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