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Negative Calories: Take pineapple, celery & Co. really the kilos melt?

Eat and lose weight: that should be possible with the right foods. For example, certain fruits have negative calories. Will hot: The body uses to digest more calories than he ever does to himself. So forth with the pineapple!

Before you storm the nearest supermarket however, you have to cut your shopping list. Because the theme of negative calories is not scientifically proven.negative calories

What are negative calories?

Fruits and vegetables generally have few calories. However, there are some, such as grapefruit, pineapple or celery, at their digestion of the body is to consume more energy than was received by the consumption by the body. 100 g grapefruit have 38 kcal. You eat a serving of grapefruit should not be counted against the calories your account because the body spend more than 38 calories through energy of digestion. Even bigger is the effect be in ice water. This has no calories. In order to bring the cold water to body temperature, the body will burn some energy. Who drinks ice water regularly, should decrease correspondingly lighter, finally he takes a lot of negative calories.

Foods that are said to contain negative calories

There are some foods that have negative calories, ie should contain minus calories. Apart from the ice water there are different vegetables and fruits.

Negative calories are stuck in these foods:

  • iced water
  • celery
  • cabbage
  • grapefruit
  • pineapple
  • cucumber
  • strawberries
  • salad leaves
  • apples

Negative calorie put to the test

It could have been so beautiful… But negative calories remain the dream of all who are on a diet. In the Europe Nutrition Society are saying: “The body needs energy for digestion of a food. However, it goes out at normal mixed diet of 10 percent of the input energy. This is not scientifically proven that 100 percent or more to be burned. Negative calorie does not exist.” But what is the situation with the calorie-free ice water?

The best tips to help you really lose weight

My tip for anyone who wants to lose weight permanently: eat less than you expend. Negative calories maybe nothing give, but a negative energy balance ie you eat less than your body expend and decreases. Whoever adheres to these tips, should soon a few kilos less on the ribs without eating pineapple, grapefruit and celery:

  • Eat several times a day vegetables. This has very little calories but fills you up long.
  • Do not forget also the two servings of fruit.
  • Preferably whole grain food.
  • Let high-fat dairy products in the chiller cabinet and preferably the reduced-fat version.
  • Accesses naturally low-fat meats. Cooked ham, roast beef or poultry cuts have significantly fewer calories than salami or sausage.
  • Cook as much as possible fresh. Fast food and ready meals you should enjoy rarely.
  • Eat your fill of low-calorie foods. Two apples (250 g), six carrots (450 g) or 300 g low-fat yogurt contain as many calories as half a croissant (30 g), namely 150 kcal.
  • Forbids you any food. Junk foods like candy or chips you should eat rarely and in small amounts, however.
  • Do not forget the calories in beverages. Juice, juice, coffee drinks and alcohol have a lot of calories. Deletes your thirst with water and unsweetened fruit and herbal infusion.
  • Exercise regularly and move more everyday.

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