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My opinion on alcohol and training!

Fit the¬†alcohol and training very bad together should each be known, it is a google training and alcohol, anyone can read dozens of posts about it. The alcohol bad effect on testosterone and no muscles to build in time where “blue”, there’s nothing new. Therefore, I will have a word in this Tip of the Week from my experience and what I think: Short and sweet, alcohol is failed!


Who wants to build serious muscle quality, should reduce his drinking heavily. I think 1-2 times beer on the weekend you will hardly prevent the muscle growth, but everything about it is just very bad. You vergiftest your body! This is then hours if not days busy the poison from the body to get, at this time you are physically ready and there is nothing ahead. Do you get drunk every weekend so are at least 52 days a year where you’re guaranteed not build muscle. Seen in the almost 2 months in the year you waste, where you would have to build good muscles. My advice, who does not want to completely give up alcohol should it restrict these strong, craps on peer pressure and pulling your own thing!

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