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Motivate children to play and encourage moral!

When school starts, often do not have much time to romp and play. But for the lifelong health of children and for good performance at school is daily exercise as important as a balanced diet.Motivate children to play

Fit for life – from childhood!

For healthy physical and mental development of children and youth, in addition to a balanced diet, you should be moving. Sport and play are important to form a strong muscular, skeletal and nervous system. The efficiency of the body depends on how much and how often it is claimed. Therefore, two to three hours of exercise daily optimal to construct the organic functions of the body. Mobile and active kids can concentrate better, and perform better in school. It is worthwhile to encourage children to sports and playful activities and to give you the joy of movement. Ensure that the children play in all weathers between learning and homework outside. This also enhances the vitamin D content in the body and promotes the immune response.

No time to play?

Children naturally have a strong urge to move: They romp, run, slide, crawl, climb, jump, balance – and “train” as a playful way. With the beginning of the school year, however, have less and less time for sports and games. Many boys and girls move only one hour per day. But they deal increasingly with homework, learning and multimedia offerings – mostly sitting. On average schoolchildren daily spend 2.3 hours watching TV and 1.1 hours prior to the computer. The joy of movement less interested teenagers: most young people are physically active only on two days a week.

Serious consequences for life

Less movement also means less energy consumption. However, most do not begin to eat less. As a result: In Europe, from 10 to 20 percent of teenagers are overweight or obese. Who is too thick, the child will likely remain so for life. Because exercise and food habits are laid in childhood. Due to lack of movement, the motor skills of girls and boys in the past few decades have dramatically deteriorated partly. Many find it difficult to throw a ball or catch, balancing on benches or climb a tree. The lack of fitness and in particular the preponderance represent significant health risks. Typical sequelae include hypertension, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular and joint diseases. A heavy backpack can be a bad posture, rounded shoulders and forced muscle contraction. Therefore, make sure that the back of the satchel is ergonomically designed and fits tightly when worn. Wide, padded and adjustable shoulder straps increase comfort. A waist strap helps to even weight distribution on the pelvis. Reflective patches ensure that the little ones are better to see with his knapsack on the road.

Take playful movement

A balanced diet and plenty of exercise are the best protection against such diseases. But how can you promote the healthy urge to move from children and demand? Bans help little. Much better is to motivate children playfully is: Take your children to the football stadium, the baseball game or on the Skate Place. Show them how it’s “cool” to play sports. The best example is, of course, when you do sports themselves. Try new, modern sports from: Go with your kids rollerblading, playing frisbee or skateboarding. Play with. There are a variety of movement games that make adult fun and do well. Do you offer home exercise options, such as a space hopper, a loose pulley or a swing in the doorway. Even a simple balloon stimulates wonderful to move on, if we are to keep him constantly in the air. Take daily for more physical activity: Race with your children about the bet: Take, for example, for smaller purchases not the car, you get on your bike or go walking. –°hoose the stairs, not the elevator.

Health Tip:

When buying a backpack note the weight. He has completed weigh max. 15% of body weight. Empty – max. 1kg. Health insurance covers the services of physical therapy clinics and sports clubs for children.

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