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Milk is source protein – Are dairy products healthy or unhealthy?

For most people in Europe include milk products for daily food, that is the question, however, here is whether milk is healthy, anyway? Finally, we humans are the only mammals that drink milk even in adulthood! milk

In the following article you will learn everything you therefore need to know about milk and dairy products!

The following topics werdenin this article addresses

  1. What exactly is milk?
  2. Is milk healthy?
  3. Why are we humans are the only creatures that drink milk as adults?
  4. Lactose intolerance – when milk products are the health problem
  5. Is organic milk better than non-organic milk?
  6. Milk for muscle building
  7. Reasons why milk is to be unhealthy
  8. Conclusion

1. What exactly is milk?

In appearance milk is a whitish and opaque solution of lactose, proteins and water. Milk is produced in the mammary glands of mammals, the man uses the milk of domesticated animals as food.

Milk are in the trade as durable milk and whole milk with 3.5%, 1.5%, 0.7% and even 0.1% fat.

By processing and the addition of various substances, including yogurt, cheese, cream cheese, or very popular in bodybuilding fat curd cheese is made from milk. Milk contains carbohydrates (in particular lactose), vitamins, proteins and milk fat. Milk has a pH of between 6.5 and 4.5 in the fresh milk in sour milk.

In Europe, there are milk and dairy products from goats, sheep, cows and even reindeer, the cow’s milk is the most popular and most widely used type of milk in this country!

2. Is milk healthy?

Milk applicable in our society mostly as a very healthy because it will stimulate growth among others. This applies both to the height of children, as well as in muscle growth by bodybuilders and strength athletes. The reason why milk is so valuable, especially for muscle building, you quickly realize when the macro and micro nutrients per 1 liter of whole milk look at:

macronutrients micronutrients
protein: 34g calcium: 1-1.2g
carbohydrates: 47g potassium: 1-1.5g
fat: 35g magnesium: 110mg
Kcal: 640 Kcal zink: 4mg
iron: 1mg
vitamin C: 20mg

Facts about the macro nutrients of milk

  • One liter of whole milk thus contains 34 grams of protein, where these proteins are divided into casein protein and the valuable whey protein (whey protein). These two protein sources provide an excellent amino acid profile, which contains all the essential amino acids for muscle growth and optimal recovery!
  • With 640 calories per liter milk provides a good amount of nutrients, which is not least due to the relatively high amount of fat. Whole milk is therefore free to use the so-called “Mass Building“. Calories from fat can be very easily saved by “light” products such as skim milk or low-fat curd of milk products. This milk products usually contain hardly as much protein, fat, however, and are therefore low calorie.
  • Carbohydrates in milk mainly consist of a combination of two simple sugars, glucose and galactose combined is called the lactose lactose.

Facts about the micro-nutrients of milk

  • The consumption of milk and dairy products affects, by the very high proportion of calcium, positive effect on the bones and teeth. That is, the daily intake of milk provides effective protection against osteoporosis, tooth loss and muscle tremors.
  • Another fact is that milk contains many healthy minerals and vitamins. Including vitamin A, vitamin C and many B vitamins.
  • In contrast to the minerals vitamins are sensitive to heat. Durable milk is UHT and contains therefore 20% less vitamins. The advantage of the ultra-high heating, however, that in this process all potentially harmful germs are killed.

3. Why humans are the only creatures that drink milk as adults?

This question I read again and again, even though I could ask in return as well: Why humans the only animals who drink coffee in adulthood? Or, Why we humans are the only creatures in adulthood or Internet surfing just think that about 10,000 years ago, when the adult man began to drink milk, an intelligence has developed, who taught him at that time that milk at any age simply delicious tastes argument that milk must be unhealthy because no other creature in adulthood drinking milk, seems to me to be untenable on closer inspection to be.

4. Lactose intolerance – can when dairy products are the health problem

Many people can not tolerate the lactose contained in the milk and milk products must be avoided thereby. The medical term for this is called lactose intolerance.

Many people suffer from birth, from lactose intolerance. While there are Europe just 10 percent, tolerated in the USA about 50 percent of the population and in Asia even 90 percent of the population or milk. No dairy products.

The lactose intolerance manifested by bloating, fatigue, depression, joint pain, abdominal cramps, nausea, and spontaneous and long-lasting diarrhea. These symptoms are very non-specific, so that lactose intolerance is usually diagnosed very late.

5. Is organic milk better than non-organic milk?

Clearly yes! Who is organic milk, instead of conventional UHT milk purchases must indeed dig deeper into the wallet, but one does his body by something good, because organic milk healthier and high quality!

The reason is that the feeding of the animals in the bio pose much higher quality, but is also more expensive. Cows from bio farms also have the opportunity to extensively graze in the pasture, whereas cows never see the light of day in conventional attitude often, and certainly not a meadow to graze.

Such cows on pasture must be healthier is on hand. The obtained therefrom products are more nutritious and healthier, so contains milk from organic cows far more Omega 3 fatty acids, as a non-organic cows!

6. Milk for muscle building

In bodybuilding love drinking milk in the morning for breakfast and tasty beverage, or after training together with a whey protein. The milk protein shake gives a creamy texture and additional flavor.

As mentioned in section 2, milk contains a good amount of high quality proteins, which are particularly valuable for building muscle.

Fat quark or cottage cheese can be consumed before bedtime. So the glutamine in milk in high concentration to ensure a good night’s sleep and a better recovery.

7. Three reasons why milk is to be unhealthy

1. By milk you get acne

Milk is to promote acne suspected. Many sufferers report, by dispensing of milk products would improve their acne. Dairy products promote the release of the muscle building hormone, IGF-1, which may favor acne. However, studies have not been clearly prove this.

2. Increased cancer risk by dairy products

Here is a suspicion that IGF-1 prostate cancer in men is favored by the muscle building hormone. There are studies that confirm the connection very weak, again, other studies suggest no association.

Interestingly, there are also studies that suggest that dairy products reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. (Study of dairy products in connection with cancer)

3. Milk is bad for the heart

A meta-study which together account for almost 10 studies, no association between milk consumption and the risk could tell of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

On the contrary – according to an Australian study can record your food with fresh grass from the pasture, the reduce heart attack risk by up to 70% dairy products which are derived from cows!

8. Conclusion

Dairy products are delicious and provide many essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals! If you’re not vegan or suffer from acne or lactose intolerance, there is hardly tenable arguments against dairy products.

Make sure, as in all other foods on the quality. It may not always be organic, but with dairy products speaks very much for organic!

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