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Low fat curd cheese – A valuable food for building muscle!

Low Fat curd cheese is still one of the most popular foods for athletes to build muscle. Low Fat curd cheese offers many advantages with respect to the regeneration of the body and the growth of muscles! white cheese

Learn in this All about Fat curd cheese and why this is so value to our muscles

What is Low Fat curd cheese and how Low Fat curd cheese made?

Low Fat curd cheese is strictly speaking nothing but cheese. Merely for coagulation instead of Lab is, lactic acid or acid, such as citric or acetic acid, added. By adding lactic acid bacteria to the skim milk, part of the lactose is converted to lactic acid. Through this process, the pH of the milk decreases. If the pH is below a certain limit falls comes the casein to light and you get the curd. By draining the curds in a cloth obtained is then separated into its solid and liquid components.

Why is Low Fat curd cheese with bodybuilders and strength athletes like?

The two most important points to be speaking for the consumption of Fat curd cheese of very high protein content and the very low number of calories.

100 grams of Low Fat curd cheese contain:

Calories: 68 kcal (289 kJ)
Protein: 12.2 g
Carbohydrates: 3.9g
Fat: 0.4 g

The high content of proteins and its good amino acid composition, Low Fat curd cheese is ideal for clean build muscle. For all strength athletes to build muscle with the aim and wish to give up usually relatively expensive supplements, Fat curd cheese is exactly the right thing. The price per kilo of Low Fat curd cheese is usually not higher than 5 $, it is obtained with 122 grams of a very good amount of high quality protein at an affordable price.

Important Tip: Low Fat curd cheese is not only for consumption, but also to cure certain diseases for external application used. Low Fat curd cheese packs, for example, serve, inter alia for cooling sunburn in the joints or bruises.

The Benefits of  Low Fat curd cheese build muscle

  • The high and low protein content speaks for itself. Already with 250 grams of Fat curd cheese obtained 30 grams of protein.
  • The casein in Low Fat curd cheese ensures that the body is supplied over a longer period with protein as casein protein can be slowly absorbed and utilized by the body. For this reason, the Low Fat curd cheese is also often eaten before bedtime.
  • Low Fat curd cheese not only contains many proteins but also in high amounts of glutamine, which promotes sleep and recovery.

The disadvantage of Low Fat curd cheese

Low Fat curd cheese but has one major drawback. Pur is taken of taste more than getting used to. Therefore, in order to make the Low Fat curd cheese tastier, there are many ways to a healthy way to improve the taste of Low Fat curd cheese:

  • One possibility is fruit to mix such as bananas, strawberries or apples. Stirred you the whole thing with a little water turns into a delicious, creamy dish. Of course you can also use yogurt instead of skim cheese, but this increases the number of calories and protein content falls.
  • A further possibility is the addition of flavor powder. The advantage is due to the durability, low cost and large selection of different flavors.

Who the taste after all not like that can also buy it as an alternative, a casein protein powder in the nearest pharmacy.

Casein protein powder are very well suited for the supply of the muscles during the night because it is slower absorbed and utilized by the body.

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