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Lenten fast – What is it?

Lenten fast is a period of reflection and conscious decision for many people. Fasting helps attentive perceive our food intake and to break old habits. If the pound fell getting better. Besides it purifies the soul, cleanse the skin and improves digestion. Also in diseases such as rheumatism, hypertension, diabetes and allergies fasting should have a positive effect. But is it really great, nothing to eat? What happens in the body? Read some tips on how to fast healthy and effective.lent

Lack of food, medicines, or religious ritual

Fasting is as old as humanity itself. Often enough, however, it the lack of food, forcing the people to fast. But many religions from time immemorial write about fasts as a rituals of purification. For health reasons, fasting recommend healers like Hildegard von Bingen, Paracelsus or Father Kneipp. Already around 400 B.C., the Greek physician Hippocrates said, people need to be cured, “the grief rather through Lent than because of drugs”.

Fasting: Gripping and new habits

Lent is really “solid exposure” as a result of which you must abstain from food. Today, many are fasting, but only for change. Because we often eat out of habit. Break the habits , re-perceive and modify as needed, is a fasting goal. Many also hope when fasting to stay a few kilos on the track.

Healthier at rheumatism, allergies and high blood pressure

For some diseases, fasting is seems helpful. So happening the waiver of food in many people suffering from rheumatism inflammation and pain. Even with allergies should improve symptoms after fasting. At the same time it can serve as a basis to find out in targeted diets, what foods are tolerated and which do not.

Since fasting normalizes blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels generally, it can also support the treatment of diabetes or hypertension. Caution should however be exercised when gout. If fasting used as a therapy for diseases, this should be done in any case under the supervision of experienced doctors!

Hunger metabolism: What happens when fasting

If we don’t eat, the body supplies out of its reserves. First, the carbohydrate stores are depleted in the liver and muscles. They are usually empty after the first day of fasting. Our brain, however, is dependent on carbohydrates in the form of sugars. Since fat can not be converted into sugar, proteins must be converted to sugar.

Not later than the third day of fasting for the muscles and organs energy comes from our fat depots. The released fatty acids are, however, only partially used by the muscles. The rest is converted to so-called ketone bodies, lighter and faster supply the muscle power. You are responsible for acetone breath during fasting or diabetes.

Protein degradation: helpful or harmful?

The reduction of body proteins applies to fasting fans as useful. Even pathogenic and inflammatory proteins to be made harmless thereby. Fasting opponents argue that with strict fasting muscle protein is broken down.

Where the harvested protein actually, is not yet clear. From there degraded protein actually still unknown. During Lent, however, less protein is broken down, because then the nerves draw their energy from ketone bodies. Anyway, it seems sensible to take a bit of protein from whey or fruits and vegetables while fasting. And moderate exercise training is important in order to prevent the breakdown of muscle.

Detoxing: Are there any waste products in the body?

Fasting should purify the body, freeing it from waste materials. The term “slag” coined especially Lent doctor Otto Buchinger. Scientifically prove, however, they can not be. Because excess degradation products of metabolism are constantly excreted via urine, faeces, sweat and breath. To promote this precipitation processes and less to take problematic substances to be, but it can be a goal of fasting.

Beware of Acidosis and urolithiasis

Through the altered metabolism and the formation of ketone bodies during fasting there is a slight acidification of the body. You can counteract them with basic food: fruit and vegetable juices and water with a lot of bicarbonate (HCO 3) neutralize the acids. In addition, during fasting increased forming of uric acid. This increases the risk of urinary calculi occur. It is therefore important, as much to drink.

Conclusion: The positive effects of fasting are far is insufficiently scientific. In addition, fasting also poses health risks. So you should clarify in advance whether you can fast easily. Then correctly used fasting body and soul to do good and serve as impetus for a healthier lifestyle.

You need observe Lent

Keep fast: Those who have never fasted, should be before the start check his health. For entry is helpful guided fasting in the group. In diseases contact the medical advice and watch for health. Pregnant and nursing women should not fast.

The days of strict fasting and weakening fast: do not arrange meals around you. It is best to take a few days before the start of lighter fare to fast and refrain from stimulants such as alcohol, fatty snacks or sweets. Even when “breaking of the fast” you should slowly go back to normal diet.

Make no starvation diet: treat yourself to the fast days some vegetable broth, tea with honey, fresh fruit and vegetable juices or whey. Up to 500 kcal per day are fine. This provides small amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.

Basic food: hyperacidity through fasting can be avoided with fruit and vegetable juices as well as hydrogen carbonate-rich waters.

Drink plenty of fluids: much fluid promotes the excretion of metabolic products. Ideal are waters with abundant minerals and hydrogen as well as herbal teas, juices or juice spritzers.

Exercise and rest:
who is active in sports when fasting, doing his body good and preventing the breakdown of muscles. Overall, it is advisable to live a healthy life and avoid stress.

Finding new ways:
If fasting as usual, is not much gained. Take advantage of the incision to get rid of bad habits and to break new ground.

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