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Kitesurfing: lifting between waves and sky

Already in the 80s were French surfers which replacing their sail by a dragon. In Mid 90s kitesurfing become popular on Hawaii. Meanwhile, surfing with a kite in Europe has developed into a popular sport. The World Cup race in June 2009 on Sylt and in July in St. Peter-Ording have made a greater public awareness of the fun sport. Kitesurfing can be the surfer with a kite, pull the kite over the water. By the momentum of the kite watersports novices itself quickly learn how it is making.Kite surfing

How does the kitesurfing?

The new fun sport comes from windsurfing. The board under your feet is much smaller and does not have a buoyancy. It can usually go in both directions. Instead of a sail of the surfer uses a stunt kite, the kite that looks similar paragliders. Is controlled kite with lines on a trapeze bar. The surfer can be drawn across the water from the kite and may even stand properly. The buoyancy of the kite kitesurfer keeps comparatively long in the air. So kiting allows very different jumps, rotations and breathtaking maneuvers.

Fun sport kiting: What is the attraction?

Many avid kitesurfer raving mainly by the great jumps. It is simply an indescribable feeling, lift and glide weightless for a few seconds through the air. Even beginners can experience this relatively quickly. Who has mastered the basics, try tricks and jumps of varying difficulty. This is fun. Worries are forgotten as quickly.

Courses indispensable for beginners

An introductory course is absolutely necessary to learn the technique and to familiarize with the material. For beginners, it is important that the dragon is easy to navigate. At the beginning of better choose a small kite and start with uniform, not too much wind. Kite schools in Europe there are now in many inland lakes, along the North and Baltic Sea, as well as in many other holiday destinations at sea. There you can also rent the equipment. This is an advantage because the relatively basic equipment costs a lot of money.

How fit do you have to to keep yourself on the board?

Once you have mastered the technique only once, the kite does not take much force. However, a certain level of fitness is required to stand on the board for several hours. The endurance can be increased for example by jogging regularly. Who is longer on the water, should eat between granola bars and bananas. This gives sufficient energy for the next session.

Equipment: Board, kite and trapeze

For basic equipment kitesurfing course include board, kite and trapeze. For safety, a helmet and impact protection or buoyancy vest should be worn. On colder days, a wetsuit and neoprene footwear is recommended. All this can be borrowed in the course providers generally. Against the strong sunlight on water protects a suitable, fixed sports sunglasses. Make sure that the equipment is not worn out and that sufficient protectors and a safety vest are made available. The connection to the kite must be performed by a safety system with quick-release, in order to separate them quickly in case of danger.

Safety Tips kiting

Who wants to stand out, you should ensure that he lands safely again. Security is therefore an important issue in kitesurfing. A good training forms the ideal basis for safe surfing. Appreciate your strengths and weaknesses realistically. Pay attention to the wind and weather. Inform yourself about the tides, currents, and shoals. Never start with offshore wind! Check all equipment before starting. If the kite properly inflated? Always protective clothing with helmet and vest wearing. Surfing not possible alone or read at least someone, where and how long you are traveling. Remove only as far from shore as they can swim back alone. Keep as two line-length distance from people, animals and vehicles on the land and at the sea. Protect the environment and not disturb any animals or Vegetation on and in the water.

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