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Just awesome! Plank brings your whole body in shape

There are thousands of fitness exercises – but in fact you need to know only one, to all problem areas to tone up in one fell swoop!

Because with the right training you can shape your entire body! Arms, legs, buttocks and abdomen – that’s really! What kind of exercise? It is … tada … the Plank!Basic Plank

The Plank, so the forearm support, looks harmless. Quite relaxed and easy. But who has ever longer stays in this position, he knows: after a few seconds it will be very tiring! To keep the body straight, to ensure that the butt neither high nor down slides, requires a lot of strength. And not just in the arms and shoulders, but also in the deep abdominal muscles, the buttocks and the legs. This is what makes the plank perfect exercise for the whole body.

The Basic Plank: that’s how it’s done

For the classic plank you just need an exercise mat – nothing else. Even that you can omit it if you is not too hard the ground. It is important that their sports shoes and bears have a firm foothold. You should not slip with their feet or arms. With the classic plank you train the whole body, especially the biceps and abs.

Lie down on your stomach, then the forearms supported on the ground. The elbows should be placed under your shoulders, forearms are stretched straight forward. You can freely include your hands. Now spans the abdomen tight and pushes your body upwards. The weight is borne by your forearms and toes. Make sure that the Po neither high nor sliding down. Hold the plank at least 30 seconds. Power then a little break and repeat the exercise twice more.

Version Advanced: alternately lifts a stretched leg up and hold the position for a moment. You might want to even small steps to open and close the legs. However, this variant requires a very good body tension.

Description: Side Plank

Do you want to specifically train your obliques and the waist, you can from the classical Plank very easy to come in the side plank. Triggers for easy – coming from the Plank – the right arm and the right foot off the floor and rotate you on the left side. The body forms a line, the weight is carried by the left forearm and the left edge of the foot. Make sure that the body is straight and tilts the pelvis forward. Hold the Side Plank at least 30 seconds, after a short pause repeated her this exercise two more times before you do the side plank on the right side three times.Side Plank

Version Advanced: want me exercising her your butt and legs a bit more, you can the upper leg during the Side-Planks stretched in small moving it up and slide down.

Variant: Reverse Plank

When planks always staring at the floor, can be boring in the long run. Checked out but sometimes the sky, by placing the Plank just turn around! On the way you train the triceps, buttocks and legs. The belly also will come into the form.

Sit down for reverse plank with legs straight on the floor. Spans stomach and buttocks tight. Place your hands either side of the hip to the ground, stretching through the arms and moves up your body. The palms are located under the shoulder, the body forms a line. The weight is borne by the poor and the heels. Hold the position 30 seconds, then pauses for a moment and repeat the plank twice more.

Version Advanced: alternately lifts a stretched leg and hold the position for a moment.

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