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It is fun, pump up the muscles: Quick Boxing Workout for a flat stomach

Wow! What a Sixpack! Boxer usually have not only super-trained arms, but also a flat, toned stomach. Because: many movements in boxing workout the straight and obliques!

Boxing? Seriously? Yes! Bring a bit of variety in your fitness program and visited once a boxing course. You will certainly not be the only woman, do not worry! More and more women have in fact found that boxing is a great full body workout and wonders causes when it comes to a flat stomach.Boxing Workout

Do not worry: Boxing is indeed aggressive than Zumba, but there are many variants in which you have to fight directly with anyone. Courses such as Tae Bo or BodyCombat are for example perfect for beginners. Here are taught and combined with good music and a quick choreo you the basic movements. This is fun and makes muscles. Want to go on her one step, you can attend courses as boxing camp. Here is fought among others with a sandbag. Or are you doing at home your own boxing training.

Very important: To help your abdominal muscles are trained, you must make sure that the belly throughout the exercise remains tense.

Warm-up: jumping

Many boxers warm before fighting on with jumping rope. The training loosens arm and shoulder muscles and who one minute has jumped fast times, who knows: It’s quite exhausting!

Grab why a Seilchen and jump three minutes as soon as possible.

Tip: Can you jump no Seilchen in your apartment, you do alternatively Jumping Jacks (puppet). Open arms and legs when jumping and rejoin.


The Cross is a blow, which is executed with the right and left thumb. So you hit the nose of your opponent. Imagine. For the best exercises before a mirror and pretending wärd itself the enemy Then it is easier to target the right spot.

That’s how it’s done:
Go with the right leg a step forward, it bends easily. Firmly to ensure a firm footing. Spans the abdomen, raises his fists high in the coverage, they are designed to protect your face. Now you only pushes his right arm forward, then the left. Go for the nose of the imaginary enemy, the impact leads straight out crosswise. Sets right force in the impact, your hips keep it quiet but by her tense the abdominal muscles let. The shoulders may go along with the movement.

20 beats per side, then repeat the exercise on the other side by you take the left leg forward.


Properly executed, the uppercut, a running from the bottom hook, a great workout for the obliques. Again, it is important that you tense your stomach tight and supported the motion with the hip. This power comes in the blow and you train your abs stronger. The uppercut you hit the opponent under the chin.

That’s how it’s done:
Imagine upright, the right leg is forward, both feet are firmly on the ground. The legs are slightly bent. Clenches your fists, take your hands in the cover up over her face. Spans the abdomen firmly.

Now pull the left arm from the navel of high under the chin of your imaginary opponent. The elbow is close to your body. Rotates with the left foot, so that you can put more power into the blow.

20 repetitions, then take the left leg forward and strike with his right arm.


The Hook is a blow from above, which is aimed at the cheekbones your opponent. Again you practice the lateral abdominal muscles.

That’s how it’s done:
The right leg is bent forward and easy. Both feet are firmly on the ground. Spans the abdomen tight, clench your fists and take it up in the cover over his face. Now you are leading with his right arm from a blow on the cheek bones of the opponent. The arm is bent about 90 degrees and at shoulder height. Take the right leg with the movement, which provides extra power.

20 reps, then you take the left leg forward and performs the blow with his left arm out.

Hook in Combination with Uppercut

Now it’s getting a bit brutal, because with this blow combination you meet only the cheekbones of the opponent and if it’s not enough, his chin. Good for you: You train your obliques.

That’s how it’s done:
The right leg is forward, both feet are firmly on the ground. Spans the belly, clenches his fists and take it up in the coverage. Now are you doing with your right arm a hook, so goes the side high in order to make the cheekbones. With the left arm makes her subsequently an uppercut from below. Always alternately. Take your legs with more clout and a more effective abdominal training.

20 repetitions, then take the left leg forward, run the hook with the left arm and the uppercut with the right arm.

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