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Is forearm training important?

Now and again the question arises whether it makes sense to forearm training with special isolation exercises. Most exercisers have then generally problems with the forearm and their grip strength and wrist. One should know that the forearm is directly related to the gripping force. An enlargement of the wrist is not possible, because as the name suggests, this is a joint, not a muscle.

forearm training

Special forearm exercises yes or no?

For most athletes, it is quite sufficient if heavy deadlifts, pull-ups or rowing are in the training plan. Here, the forearms are already heavily trained at the same. On straps should this course be omitted. In some cases, the forearm like but despite all that do not grow, then you can be a good alternative 1-2 sets Unterarmcurls or hammer curl to bring the forearm to grow!

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