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Incorrect exercises in the gym

A gentleman whom I train and see, is the reason for today’s article. He does almost everything wrong. He do incorrect exercises.wrong exercises

What now follows is a training session, as I have observed and how they have nobody to imitate.

To the beginning of his training charged the Lord of the barbell on the rack with about 60kg. Not to squat or deadlift, but… for biceps curls. The execution was not to see. He makes the rod so far down until the arms get to a form 90 degree angle, and then not using the biceps, but his whole body to put the weight and back heave up.

The whole 3(!) error at once.

  1. The rack is to be used anything other than squats or deadlifts. It exists only for these exercises. For biceps curls there are plenty of SZ rods or barbell bars.
  2. At the beginning of the training should not be such a small muscle like the biceps training, but a large, such as the quadriceps (thigh) or the back. The biceps muscle is involved in many of the exercises and you can subsequent exercises run not more clean and with the necessary intensity.
  3. The biceps is almost unconcerned from about 2/3 of the upward movement. Only those who have effectively arms complete lower trained his biceps.

Then the Lord went to the leg press and took all the weight he could find. All 650 kg. I do not know anyone in my gym who can move on the leg press this weight clean. He could not do it too. The execution was just sloppy as the Biceps curls. He lowered the weight only to the extent that he again got. The execution was just sloppy as the Biceps curls. He lowered the weight only to the extent that he again got. It was view no effort. It is quite simply necessary Exercises to run completely and not just one or two thirds. It’s nice when you can brag about 650 kg on the leg press, but the effect of the training with a wrong execution is minimal.

The Fitness training not about who is move the highest weight, but it is for the good of the body.

Back to my observed training sequence. Now The Lord trained his abdominal muscles on a machine. Also applies here: belly until the end of the Trainings is not limiting to its activity as a stabilizer.

Then he trained his chest with dumbbell training. There he took exceptionally not too much weight (Presumably it was too dangerous for him, he throws his face into the dumbbells). After he trained his triceps finished.

Someone notices something? The back is missing. Not only Exercise for the back. He trained not only in the wrong order and the wrong execution, but also uneven. The neglect of an important group of muscles such as the back leads to long term postural problems and increases the risk of injury.

The correct sequence for a normal, full-body workout looks like this:

  1. 2 Exercises for the legs
  2. 2 Exercises for the back
  3. 1 – 2 Exercises for the chest
  4. 1 Exercise for the shoulder
  5. 1 Exercise for the biceps
  6. 1 Exercise for the triceps
  7. (all of the 2 sessions): abdominal training

Always use appropriate weight and not for the ego 20kg charge more.

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