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About half of adults in Europe suffers from high blood pressure. But only about one person in two will ever know about it. the Problem: an elevated blood pressure doesn’t hurt and first causes little discomfort. Nevertheless, hypertension is not to be underestimated, because it increases the risk of vascular disease, heart attack and stroke. Hypertensblood pressureion should be necessarily treated by a doctor. But our everyday behavior affects on blood pressure. Read here what influences blood pressure and what you can do yourself to lower your blood pressure.hypertension

When is the blood pressure increases?

When which is called the pressure, the blood exerts pressure on our vessels. Optimal is a blood pressure of about 120/80 mmHg (read: 120 to 80). The first value is the so-called systolic and the second is the diastolic blood pressure. The higher systolic blood pressure occurs when the heart contracts and pumps blood into the body. The lower diastolic blood pressure measured when the heart muscle stretches and the ventricles fill with blood again.

If the blood pressure reached of values 140/90 mmHG, it is already slightly elevated. Values above 180/110 mmHG are considered severe hypertension. Experts call high blood pressure also hypertension.

What are the consequences of hypertension?

A normal blood pressure ensures that our body is supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. In people with high blood pressure the blood exerts more pressure on the blood vessels. In addition, the heart muscle has to pump harder. This causes a permanent narrowing of blood vessels and stresses the heart. In the long term arise vascular disease, heart failure and kidney damage to heart attack and stroke.

Causes:  What does hypertension arises

There are two types of hypertension, the primary and the secondary. Secondary hypertension occurs as a result of other diseases or pregnancy. However, 90% of those affected have a primary hypertension, which is an independent disease. A predisposition to hypertension is hereditary. The age and the menopause increase the risk. But often arises hypertension by improper lifestyle, and precisely at this point, you can even do something about it. Obesity, lack of exercise, too much alcohol and too much salt, as well as smoking and stress are the most common factors that contribute to increased blood pressure. The more of these risk factors occur together, the higher the likelihood of high blood pressure.

Symptoms of hypertension

Mark symptoms of hypertension is nearly impossible, as you have no pain and there is no discomfort. Serious symptoms of high blood pressure often arise only after a few years. Initially concerned more likely to suffer from common ailments that do not explicitly refer to a high blood pressure. So to the symptoms belong dizziness, morning headaches, heart palpitations, and shortness of breath due to stress. Likewise, nervousness, fatigue and bad dream can be signs of high blood pressure. Who noticed increased such symptoms, should times control his blood pressure.

By the way: Not only old people have high blood pressure. Although the likelihood increases with age, but are due to obesity and diabetes more and more young people are affected too.

Regularly measure blood pressure – prevent episodes

To avoid the dangers of high blood pressure, you first need to know whether their own blood pressure is increased. You should therefore check your blood pressure regularly by the doctor. A blood pressure below 140/90 mm HG is still considered normal. If the blood pressure after repeated measurement at rest above the normal values, we speak of hypertension. This is also true when only one of the two values is exceeded. Who wants to control his blood pressure at home, can easily do this with a small commercial sphygmomanometer. As they thereby avoid measurement errors, read the information box.

Prevention and treatment: What you can do

To prevent hypertension or to get a slightly elevated blood pressure under control, it is advisable to change some habits. Who is obese, should decrease as possible. More exercise can not only jumbled pounds, but also strengthens the heart and stabilize blood pressure. Diet also has an effect on blood pressure. What you eat or should not eat, you will learn in the next paragraph. Smokers should restrict their blood pressure sake smoking or give up entirely. Avoid stress and treat yourself to a targeted relaxation.

If these measures do not apply, or blood pressure is greatly increased, helping various medications to lower blood pressure. Together with the doctor a therapy concept is determined, the next drugs should have a healthier lifestyle to aim always.

Nutrition in hypertension

Ideal for blood pressure is a low-fat diet rich in fruits and vegetables and fiber. Eat less animal fats such as high-fat meat and sausage, eggs, cheese and high-fat dairy products. Instead, you access better vegetable oils, low-fat meat and dairy products. Because salt increases blood pressure in some people, you should check with salt – be careful to limit the amount of salt to a maximum of 6 grams per day – so even with chips, snacks, sausages and ready meals, etc.

For blood pressure patients, it is important to drink enough. Coffee can increase blood pressure, however, and should be enjoyed in moderation. Since alcohol drives blood pressure up, hypertensive patients should be cautious in alcoholic beverages. The best men drink no more than one glass of wine and women a maximum of half a glass.

Tips on proper measurement of blood pressure

  • An upper arm cuff should be attached to the arm at the level of the heart. If the cuff sits is too high or too low, can cause measurement errors.
  • Treat yourself before measuring your blood pressure five minutes of rest and always measure in the seats. Stress increases the natural blood pressure.
  • A single elevated blood pressure value is not yet a cause for concern, because the blood pressure varies throughout the day. Also sporting load, stress, caffeine or alcohol affect your blood pressure. Therefore it is essential to measure several times. If necessary, the doctor can give with you a device to blood pressure measurement the 24-hour.
  • If you want to control your blood pressure over time, measure your blood pressure as possible at the same time in the morning. Valid values are best achieved in the comparison. If you have blood pressure lowering drugs, before taking the medication measured the blood pressure.

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