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How can I lose weight fast? The battle plan for desired weight

No matter whether it is only three pounds, or twenty: The extra pounds bother! You constantly ask yourself: How can I lose weight fast? Here we have the answer to your question!

To make your diet successful, you need above all one thing: the stubborn desire. There will always be moments when you simply want to quit all and eat a bag of chips or you want to push in yourself a candy. Hold on! At this moment you ask yourself “How can I lose weight quickly and permanently”. That helps. And if you following to the next points, which help you to lose weight fast and in the long-term, then soon нou will wear your favorite fitting clothes.lose weight fast

1. Change nutrition

The most important aspect, if you want to lose weight is a healthy, balanced diet. You must not count calories, but you have to know what you eat. Very briefly can be summarized as the: eat fruits and especially vegetables. Especially vegetables has little calories and is the best friend of all those, who seeking an answer to the question “How do I overcome this quickly”.

In addition, you should repeatedly eat wholemeal food and low-fat dairy products daily. Lean meats and fish may be at the table several times a week.

Junk foods like fast food, ready meals, sweets, cakes or chips should enjoy only in small quantities. Get used to eat consciously. Every time strolling and land in the cafe to eat there a large portion of cake not out of habit, although you are not hungry. Trying to cook as much as possible fresh. This you can save a lot of calories.

2. Eat enough during the meal

In order not to constantly suffer from food cravings, you should regularly eat three meals a day. After these meals you should get up and saturated with a good feeling from the table. So you can do that, you should get used to you, preferably low-calorie foods to eat. So a large portion of vegetables, served with a small portion of pasta and meat.

Take time for meals. It is often eaten by the way. This registers the brain then almost not at all and you’re hungry again faster and have appetite.

3. No simple carbohydrates in the evening

Low carb diet trend is still number one. Your you do not have to strictly ban all carbs, just because you’re looking for the answer to the question “How can I lose weight fast”. It is sufficient if it largely dispenses with simple carbohydrates, as they are stuck in white bread, cakes, chips, fast food or sweets. Against wholemeal bread or whole wheat pasta but is no objection.

In order for the fat burning at night but can run at full speed, you should take a night a little restrain terms carbohydrates. Eat quietly a slice of wholemeal bread, but combines with lettuce, cheese or other dairy products. Try to eat no more carbohydrates after 20 clock.

Candy or chips you should if possible definitely refrain evening.

4. drink only water and unsweetened tea

People often underestimate how many calories can have drinks. Occasionally you often sweetened tea, soft drinks or juice? In a 200 ml glass of juice stuck about 100 kcal and a lot of sugar. The extrapolated to two or three glasses, already accounts for half a bar of chocolate. Alcohol also contains a lot of calories. Do you want to successfully lose weight, you should only on special occasions a glass of drink.

No calories has water or unsweetened fruit or herbal tea. Get used to quench your thirst for it.

By the way: sweetened with sweetener diet drinks you should also rarely drink. Although they contain no calories, but there are always studies that accuse them that they stir up cravings.

5. Comply meal breaks

Who often take snacks in between during a day, usually consume more calories. However, there is yet another reason why you should not ever eat in between: to ensure that your body is burning fat it needs sometimes food breaks. So nothing eat between meals. Are you mornings or afternoons often hungry, you can eat a snack. For example, a piece of fruit, vegetable sticks or low-fat yogurt.

6. Do not place any restrictions

No chocolate, no more fast food and it only vegetables: not to do so crazy decision. Even if you want to lose weight, does not mean that food is prohibited. Prohibitions only encourage the desire. You must eat all the food. Also is allowed high-calorie chocolate. Thus the pounds melt away, should you, however, it at one, left two pieces and put away the rest of the panel.

7. Sport

Lots of calories are burned in sports. Regular exercise should be therefore part of the answer to the question “How can I lose weight fast”. Searches a endurance sports makes you fun – no matter whether it is walking, swimming, cycling or Zumba. Tried three times a week to find 45 minutes time for this. So you burn a lot of calories and take off faster.

Ideally, if you at the same time still makes some strength exercises and abdomen, legs and buttocks strengthen with targeted exercises. The more muscle you have, the more energy burned.

8. Come clean

Healthy eating and sport are important for losing weight. Thus reached your goal, you have however to find out why you sometimes can not stop eating. Are boredom or frustration your trigger? Respect the goals that you pursue and not sin against them. Do you know what triggers your appetite, then you can do something about it.

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