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High Ropes Course

Sports experience: climbing and high ropes courses

Climb to a hard-to- reach peaks is the greatest happiness for some. Increasingly popular are high ropes courses as an adventure trip for families, school classes and fellow teams. Climbing is not only an exciting fun, it also strengthens the entire body. So that the joy remains unclouded, safety rules should be strictly observed. A thorough briefing is essential for climbing beginners.ropes course

Exercising for the whole body

The Climbing strengthen the body and mind. Climbing requires strength, dexterity and concentration. There are strengthened all postural muscles. In addition to the back, shoulder and arm muscles Hands and fingers are particularly involved. At a heavy load on the legs will also be used the gluteal muscles. No wonder that climbing consumes abundant energy. A female climber weighing 65 kg burns in one hour about 520 calories, an 82-kilogram man about 656 calories.

Who can climb?

Climbing can actually anyone who is healthy and not afraid. However, difficulty and length of the climb must be necessarily adjusted to the training condition. Who take a lot will soon regret. In some rock climbing, there are restrictions on access for children, either according to age (e.g. 10 years) or height (for example, from 1.20 Meter). This shall apply in part only for certain trips. In the climbing halls are often required introductory courses or other certificate.

Indispensable: courses for beginners

Whether indoors or outdoors, with no introductory courses is not usually left in the wall or in the treetops. In addition to climbing technology especially backing up needs to be learned so that when climbing nothing goes wrong. Courses for the indoor climbing have in securing techniques. Relevant nodes are practiced until they are seated properly. At the same time, the participants learn more about equipment and materials. Also climbing techniques and climbing the top rope (with assurance through a partner) will be taught. In courses for rock climbing you also learn to climb in the lead climbing using wedges and slings, and basics for first aid and mountain rescue.

Climbing through the trees in the high ropes courses

High ropes courses are becoming increasingly popular, in order to test the mental and physical limits. They consist of several trees or posts, which are connected together by elements such as ropes, bridges or wood components. In a real high ropes course all items are approximately three to ten feet above the ground. A low ropes course is particularly suitable for beginners, since all elements are one meter high, so you can jump easily. If the elements in a forest between trees stretched, one speaks of a Ropes Forest.

In the high elements, the participants are permanently secured twice. So you can safely climb up to trees or nets, balancing on shaky tree trunks or shimmy across suspension bridges from vibrating boards. In high ropes courses is usually sufficient a brief introduction. It is important to comply consistently with the double safety.


For high ropes courses you do not need special equipment. Sturdy shoes are recommended. The clothes should be robust and allow freedom of movement. Harnesses and carabiners are issued in the plant. For indoor climbing, a harness is required. Special hiking shoes give better grip. For beginners, however rich and well-fitting, flexible sneakers. Climbing shoes and belts can be borrowed as a rule. When climbing outdoors climbers must also bring ropes, carabiners and possibly fasteners.

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