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HELP – my biceps will not grow!

The biceps can be an extremely stubborn muscle. You train and train him, but often the sizes remain modest, or it happens nothing. Therefore, I have three tips for you:

1. You train your biceps too often. This used to it and it will not grow, so does not make more than 3-4 sentences, but that this very intense and clean. Less is more!

2. Your version does not hit your biceps! Very often I see athletes make a catastrophic execution biceps curls, while slipping the elbow backwards and when pulling moves the shoulder! The biceps is hardly loaded and accordingly the successes Fail!

3. Bring variety to your biceps workout! Good results I could achieve with hammer curl and Spidercurls! This also applies again the cleaner the better drops from the muscle charm!

Skinny arm

What helps against sore muscles?

“This is not a disability, I only got muscles!” Every athlete knows him some love him and for some people it can be quite painful one, especially in the legs. Slight soreness is basically a positive injury, he points out an intensive training, and perhaps makes even more muscles. If you have but it once again in training over the top I can only recommend the following things to soothe and faster regeneration: the best remedy is eating and sleeping, oh what a miracle!

Sleep at least 10 hours and eat before going to bed a large portion with lots of protein. Best suited to casein protein (lean cottage cheese, casein) and carbohydrates. Only he who sleeps a lot and a lot of muscles is much eats build. Supportive can promote faster recovery also a sauna, or a warm bath, light endurance training, and L-glutamine. But in principle, no pain, no gain ;)!

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