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Healthy Packed Lunch: food at school

Who wants to be powerful and fit in at school, need a healthy breakfast. Because after the nightly resting phase, the energy accumulators are empty. The morning meal the children start well nourished and receptive to school.

After ten o’clock performance curve drops again. Now a quick snack provides power for more lessons. Also drinks are important because the brain consists of 85% water and should always be properly hydrated.packed lunch

Breakfast provides important nutrients

The breakfast should contain plenty of carbohydrates with a high proportion of whole grains. Depending on the preferences of the child can be the bread or muesli. Milk or yogurt provide protein and calcium for healthy bones. It is best to choose low-fat versions to prevent obesity.

Also fresh fruit or dried fruit and nuts are a great supplement for a healthy breakfast. To drink, there are juices, tea, water, milk or a coffee substitute.

So families can start their day

Together with the family at the table and in a peaceful atmosphere makes the breakfast most enjoyable. Remember that your child only realizes how important breakfast is, if you eat something in the morning.

If the time in the morning to cover almost around the table? Then prepare the evening but it all before. Who morning still can not eat, should drink at least a glass of milk or juice. At the latest in the long break is there to eat something healthy.

Increase the power curve

The power curve shows how our performance would proceed with or without food. After a wholesome breakfast small meals in between are important in order to send up the performance even in phases tired again.

What comes in the lunchbox?

Packed lunch the best food for energy renovation at school. Thus, the power curve at school not too falls, children should take a delicious snack. The variations are no limits and preferences of children should of course be taken into account. The more colorful, the better.

Good to wholemeal breads and rolls are topped with low-fat meats and cheeses. For this some vegetables, such as cucumber, tomato or lettuce. Gladly it may be sometimes a half of raisin bun with a piece of fruit or a yogurt. A serving of chopped fruit quickly delivers in the break vitamins.

Pay attention to sufficient liquid

Milk supplied with energy and nutrients. As a thirst quencher but calorie-free or low-calorie drinks are better suited. These include water, juice spritzers and unsweetened tea. So that their children have to drink at school enough to give you the best with a water bottle.

What’s for lunch?

A good lunch, whether at home or at school, should as a main ingredient include potatoes, rice or pasta, and plenty of vegetables or a salad. Lean meat do children really only three times a week. Once a week, fish should be consumed. There are so many delicious vegetarian dishes, whether stews, casseroles or gratins. Ask your child what it likes. For dessert, a piece of fruit is an alternative to candy and other sweets.

Some families prefer to eat together in the evenings a warm meal. No Problem: then there’s lunch cold food such as sandwiches, cut vegetables, yogurt or cottage cheese food or a warm soup.

How to survive the afternoon slum?

After school and homework time is to play. To recharge the batteries, again should be eaten a snack. This can be, for example, cut fruits and vegetables, yogurt with fruits or a cheese sandwich with raw vegetables. Occasionally, of course may be chew the sweets. However, these provide little nutrients and should therefore come only in small amounts on the table.


  • Take the time to have breakfast with your kids
  • Prepare it before the night, then you have more time and less stress in the morning
  • Ask your children what they would like on break bread. Find healthy compromise.
  • Provide variety and surprise their, for example, with colorful mozzarella, tomato skewers or pieces of cheese
  • In addition to bread your children happy about little treats like trail mix, whole grain crackers and fruit pieces
  • Pack everything in a stable lunchbox
  • Give your child a drink ever.

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