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Healthy Fast Food: Here’s how calories!

Most people think of fast food on currywurst, fries, gyros, hamburgers & Co. This fast food is really nothing more than “fast food” – and that is in itself nothing bad. Snacks for lunch or on the road so are not necessarily calories and rich in fat. After all the usual fast food often has the disadvantage that it is altogether too sweet, too rich in fat, too salty or too low in fiber.healty fast food

We provide some tasty alternatives. How about, for example, with sushi or Asian noodle dish with lots of vegetables? A whole-grain roll with ham, salad and cucumber can be a delicious alternative. In addition, many fast-food chains now offer salads instead of hamburgers.

Healthy Fast Food Alternatives

Asian dishes usually contain a lot of rice or noodles and vegetables. Who pays attention to the calories, but you should avoid high-fat peanut sauces and fried food. Choose instead pork or beef rather lean turkey or chicken.

Bagel are originally from the Jewish cuisine and offer a delicious variety to the sandwich. The sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds yeast dough donut offered sweet or savory. From a health perspective, they are particularly recommended if the covering of tuna, salmon or turkey with vegetables and there is refined with herbs. Depending on the model fit tomato slices, cucumber, radishes, peppers, watercress, sprouts or slaw leaves with a layer of cream cheese on the bagel. Bagel could wrap in cling film and bring breakfast in the office.

Fish sandwich can be a healthy lunch when is selected the right pad. A fried fish baguette example has more calories than a sausage and is therefore more suitable conditions. Recommended and nice figure, for example, multizernova bun with pollock and eggs.

Pizza is very fat generally. A pepperoni pizza delivers an average of more than 25 grams of fat per serving and has no place in the category healthy fast food. However, people who sometimes dream of a slice of pizza should be covering with fresh vegetables, lean ham and cheese a bit. Especially delicious is also wholemeal pizza with fresh tomatoes and basil – who has time, they can prepare at home and take it.

Sushi, the classics of Japan, is an ideal snack between meals. Delicate small pieces easily transported and delicious food in your hands. The combination of rice, fish and vegetables, the body with vitamins and minerals is well supplied. Moderate amount of calories and fat are not too harmful figure. A small disadvantage is that the fine exotic delicacies can be relatively expensive, depending on toppings.

Wraps, the modern, rolled sandwich variants, are tasty and convenient. Filled with chicken breast, ham or tuna wheat cakes spiced with plenty of salad and vegetables and topped off with a delicious sauce. If you want to save calories, choose best a slight yogurt, salsa or a fruity tomato sauce.

Fast Food homemade

At home you want fast food? Then you can animate desktop classic favorites prepared with fresh ingredients and lots of vegetables to cook low-fat and vitamins and at the same time rich in minerals.

French fries are not always prepares a trap with juruá river. At home, crispy oven fries, peel the potatoes and cut into slices, sprinkle with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake in the oven (convection 200 ° C) for vmoschenomu paper baking pan to bake bake about 30 minutes.

Doner this is a taste of home meat dinner. For about 100 grams of lean turkey meat fry in a pan and season well. Onions, cucumbers, yogurt, salt, pepper and lemon juice mix and get a tasty sauce. Take a small piece of bread, cut, namaschuyut sauce, put a filling salad, meat, cucumber and tomato.

Home pizza tastes almost like Italian. For plates should knead the dough 500 g flour with a package of dry yeast, a pinch of salt, 350 ml of warm water and a tablespoon of olive oil. Add to taple place for about 1 hour. Roll out, cut the tomatoes on top and season with salt, pepper and oregano. For example, with tomato, basil and mozzarella prove and bake until golden brown about 20 minutes in the oven.

What can you do else

If you travel, you should always be “ready” for if the road will be tempted to eat something greasy. The can trail mix, rice crackers or dried fruit, a banana or a sliced Apple in the food container. This healthy alternative to chocolate bars, sweets & Co. keep blood sugar levels constant and prevent flabby legs and cravings.

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