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Healthy eating in pregnancy

Eating right during pregnancy: series of recommendations

About nutrition in pregnancy, there is a wealth of information. Whether on the Internet, in magazines, on blogs or on TV. Tips from grandma, friends and acquaintances play an important role, sometimes even when not asked. Everyone obviously knows everything and knows the absolutly truth. Facts and scientifically sound information therefore are more desirable.

Healthy Eating In Pregnancy

The fact is that diet during pregnancy differs only slightly from the general recommendations. Normal weight for the mother, exercise and a balanced eating and drinking by both partners in accordance with the aid of nutrition pyramid create the ideal conditions for good pregnancy outcomes and a healthy start in life.

However, the vitamin and mineral needs increase during pregnancy in some cases significantly. Due to the higher food intake and adjustment processes (for example, increased absorption and decreased excretion) in the body of the pregnant woman are met the increased need for most essential nutrients. But can not be achieved a sufficient supply of folic acid and iodine on the normal diet. You must be individually examined by a doctor to know or you get enough iron.

Fisical exercise during pregnancy has a positive effect on mother and child. Expectant mothers can continue to engage in those sports that do not bring large loads or small possibility of injury. Overweight women may be increased in weight during pregnancy. Many pregnant women tend to overestimate the energy needs and often eat more than is necessary.

Eating in Pregnancy: Carefree!

New grocery list indicates that despite other circumstances, the diet should not harm.

Pregnancy awakens the sense of responsibility of the expectant mother. Finally, we want to do everything right, so as not to jeopardize the healthy development of the unborn child. Especially at first pregnancy, uncertainty is often large. What I can eat now and what may harm my child? While some in the belief that they could eat for two, unabashedly feasts, other resist and fear to eat of minimal quantities of alcohol and even bananas. But is it really that complicated?

Basically, pregnant women need to consider a few points. It is important to be first to say goodbye to the clich√© now “tuck” is allowed. The tiny creature that grows in the stomach, after all, does not consume calories per adult. Even a few weeks before birth, the energy needed only ten percent higher than before the pregnancy. This corresponds to just a sandwich with cheese more per day. Who overly exaggerating here not only gaining extra pounds, but may also laid the foundation for later obesity for his child.

The situation is different from with nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Here the demand is increasing significantly. For pregnant women, it therefore means: take a look more on the quality and freshness of the food. The more unprocessed product the more nutrients are still in it. There is one exception, however: animal food should be at least once digested. On raw products can live are all kinds of germs. Since the child’s body uses all the resources for its development, an infection it is the last thing the little creature needs. Therefore food hygiene is essential.

But is generally banned stimulants now? From one or two cups of coffee a day during pregnancy did not happen. However, for the sake of the unborn child should stay away from alcohol and energy drinks.

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