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Healthy drinks for thirst quenchers

In the summer of 30 °C in the shade and the glass is not left empty for a long time. Approximately 2 – 3 liters of fluid during the summer our bodies need every day. Who is active in sports, even to drink even more. But what healthy drinks quench the thirst is best? Adequate minerals they should contain, but not too many calories. Moreover, drinking is not a chore, but also be varied and tasty. That is why we have put together tips and ideas for sparkling thirst quencher.Healthy drinks

Drink more than thirsty

Is it difficult for you to drink several liters each day? You still do not wait until the mouth is dry and perhaps make headaches noticeable. Because the feeling of thirst often comes only when already missing a lot of fluid and the physical and mental capacity is already limited. To stay hydrated, keep a bottle handy and drink something during the day regularly.

Ideal thirst quencher

To quench your thirst are first mineral water – preferably with a high mineral content. Who wants to have flavored water, can it lightly lemon or mix juice spritzers. You can flavor the water itself also very simple: it cut some fruit small, add to the mineral water and let it some time to manifests itself in the water a light fruit flavor. Especially delicious is it fritter with apple slices, strawberries or melons.

Also teas are cold enjoyed a “hot” tip to quench your thirst. For variety, the huge variety of teas ensures. To save calories and sugar, iced tea can also be easily produced at home itself. Prepare for a strong black with a little water and to fill it after pulling up with a cool mineral water and ice cubes. Then taste the tea with a squeeze of lemon and some honey. Great flavors result from mixture of tea with different fruit juices.

As thirst quenchers are less suitable Cola, lemonade & Co. Such sugar-rich beverages just in summer an unpleasant effect: after a short while sticking his tongue again on the palate. In addition, they contain lots of sugar: So if you do not want to jeopardize his bikini figure, should rather resort to alternatives. Even coffee and alcohol are not a good idea in hot weather.

Fancy Fruit

Fruit is not only tasty and healthy, but also in pureed it’s a refreshing summer drink. So-called smoothies are ideal for in between a vitamin kick. You can even replace one of the recommended five servings of fruits or vegetables a day. For a summer smoothie fruits are pureed in a blender and diluted with a splash of juice to optimal consistency. Such smoothies without further additives provide many vitamins and minerals and are ideal to meet the fluid and nutritional needs of the body on hot days.

Summer fruit cocktails

A delight for balmy summer evenings are delicious mixed drinks and homemade alcoholic cocktails made with fresh summer fruits, which can be repeatedly re vary. Spiced up with ice cubes, the drinks just to ensure sultry, oppressive days for refreshment. Mix different kinds of juice as pineapple, grapefruit or passion fruit juice freshly squeezed or pureed fruit. Enter now plus mineral water and ice – that is the fruity-tangy thirst quencher. Nicely decorated and sipped through a straw makes it even trendier than deckchair attendants a good figure.

For Pepp make fruit ice: freeze fruit juices instead of water to ice cubes. That looks pretty and tastes really good.

Milk mix replaces meals

In the biggest heat of appetite is often not so great. As can milkshakes depending on ingredients ever replace an entire meal, because in addition to the liquid, they provide a relatively large amount of energy. For a milkshake just a few banana slices, a handful of berries and some milk with a hand-held blender to a creamy drink whisk. If you like it even richer, can also have a dash of cream or plain yogurt and cook the shake sweet will.

Refreshingly sour: whey

A refreshingly tart and low-calorie alternative to milk are fruit whey beverages. Whey remains in the manufacture of cheese or cottage cheese as an aqueous fluid. Clou: whey contains very little fat and calories. On hot summer days Pure Whey tastes wonderfully fresh and therefore provides especially a lot of potassium and calcium. A glass of whey already covers 13% of the recommended daily intake of these minerals. As fresh and fruity variety can also whey mix well with fruit juices, or pureed fruit.

Summer drinks nicely decorated

Sweet glass edge: wetted with water glass edge in desiccated coconut, cocoa powder or ground almonds specks.

Decorative glass substrate: use as an underlay times a decorative banana or palm leaf.

Cocktails with fruit skewers: provide a little exotic flair as Baby pineapple, baby bananas, physalis or star fruit.

Colorful ice cubes: fill fruit juices instead of water in its ice cube molds and thus ensure variety color and flavor.

Edible flowers: untreated rose petals, pansies or violets go well with sweet cocktails.

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