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Good feeling after exercising = wasted time (Effective training)!

This tip of the week is intended primarily to you as a thought incentive, because for some time, the trend is moving in muscle building workout in the direction that training plans are unnecessary and should more from the personal good feeling, make a workout. The question is how effective the whole thing for the body and muscle growth and how effective you can be as meet its own target?

comfort zone

Train effectively with the good feeling?

Sure belly feelings can be good and you have many life in the right way but in the power sports they take you quite clearly from the effective path from. If you design your training without training plan and you train purely from your good feeling, I guarantee you, will you at some point in a comfort zone land in which you stagnates and in which you indeed feel comfortable but you will not build grams muscles you.

Training professional athletes from the good?

Work swimmers or sprinters without stopwatch? Train footballer without a trainer? If you hold out a paper from the good feeling? Ok I digress but the answer is always clear, no! But why effective muscle building without training plan should then be the solution? Why should we train strength athletes by a feeling that is individual and by a feeling that can not distinguish between 80 KG and 8 reps and 85 KG and 6 reps? I do not it is THE right training say, but I maintain the right steps on the road to greater muscle mass exist.

Effective training works the other way!

Muscle Building is based on increasing intensity and training after training. This means it will be adjusted weights and increased repetitions and the whole according to plan! Increase weights and physical adaptation does not mean that you feel comfortable with you while on the contrary, it is hard and painful and has nothing to do with a positive good feeling.

My opinion is: Only with the right diet can achieve long-term goals and only with an effective training plan and the right training you will build muscle and achieve your goals!

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