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Good diets and how to recognize them

Diets are now back in fashion. “Five kilos in three days!” However, most weight loss programs do not keep their promises. With some you actually easy to lose a few pounds. But soon after the diet they will come back again, sometimes a lot more than before. The dreaded yo-yo effect. Overweight appears after any new diet. New Hope, but in the end only disappointment, but avoid bad diet? Read here how to find a healthy diet that can work in the

Diet: light and healthy lifestyle

The word “diet” comes from the Greek “diaita” meaning “healthy life”. Therefore, a good diet should be not only pick up a few kilograms, but in the long run will allow more light and healthy lifestyle.

Unilateral diets that consist of only one or a few foods that eventually lead to a lack of nutrients. Following these diets, as well as on tablets and drinks for weight loss is not achieved sustainable results. After the diet you eat mostly the same as before. Result: From old habits also appear more pounds and make you wide again.

Losing weight takes patience and movement

Many manufacturers lure slimmers attractive, light and fast programs. A simple solution does not trust anyone! There is no other way: losing weight permanently requires patience. A good diet promises in case of loss of no more than a kilogram a week. 2 – 3 kg in the month is a realistic goal. Many “miracle diets” originally promise that pounds are falling only way. So instead of decrease, weight steadily increasing.

This provides a good diet

Good and effective long-term diets provide varied and balanced food with at least 1,400 kcal per day. Meals should contain enough protein, so that the body does not begin to break down muscle. Make sure that the food can cook easily and fits to your life. Diet should be integrated into the functions of family life as when traveling or during the holidays.

To the success of a diet in addition to a reduced-calorie, but balanced and delicious diet contributes mainly sufficient movement. Therefore weight loss program should also encourage live more active and play sports. Setbacks and mistakes should be factored. Ideally, the program then helps with tips and advice that will help motivate a new beginning. Moreover, when even the social and psychological situation is taken into account, the better. In the long term can only be one change his behavior, who knows when and why he eats too much.

Conclusion: miracle diets that promise quick and easy weight loss usually do not give anything good. Who wants to lose weight in the long-term and be healthy, so you need to change your eating habits for the long term and do more exercise. With a good diet will cheerfulness and pleasure. Only then life will be successful.

Checklist: How useful is your diet?

  • Do you change eating habits after the transition to long-term diet? Does this help the new diet and new lifestyle?
  • Can withstand such a diet for a longer period in everyday life?
  • Does varied diet and comprised of all the vital nutrients?
  • Do you need to do any complicated calculations and do not buy special products?
  • Does diet promises more realistic than a kilogram of weight loss per week? (Good and realistic goal is to lose 2 – 3 kg per month)
  • Do you want to sustained weight loss?
  • Are you doing in addition recommended physical exercises?
  • Is the diet motivating for you? (For some, for example, the decrease in a group may be helpful).
  • Adjust the diet to you? Can it adapt to your daily life?

The more questions you can answer “yes”, the better the diet for you. Especially the first two points are essential for a lasting successful and healthy weight loss program.

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